The Plain Dealer from Cleveland, Ohio (2024)

SATURDAY, AUGUST 12, 1916 CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER PAGE FIFTEEN. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES HOTEL BUYERS- is an attractive proposition tr. hotel, Hucated on the main highway between Erie. and Buffalo, N. steam heat, alumtric light, bot and cold water in each room; bar room runs about $13 day the sear arouna: profits 810.400 to $12 00 per annum: larco in come from subrentala which amounts to about $1.000 Fear; the real estate ronslate three-story brick building in excellent condition: send ter our catalog for photo (there are also some other very attracuve propositions in hotel.

In our this hotel is poettirely worth complete $00. LEWIS, HOTEL BROKER, Elliott Square, Buffalo, N. SALOON AND CAFE Saloon and hotel with seventeen furnished rooms in connection: bar room Is equipped with soild quartered oak back and front bar: also roller bearing ice box, atram table, electric lights, safe. large quantity of wines. liquors and cigars, domeatlo and foreigu: kitchen 04 pteri with steel range; exhaust.

fans; several private dining and drinking rooms; hotel cense: open Saudaya; rent for the entire premises only $.3 month in falo) Year around; actually worth 80. will sacrifice for $3, 04 down will swing the deal or cash; send for our catalog of business cop LEWIS, 550 Ellicuit Square, N. Y. ARE YOU CAPABLE OF STANDING PROS. PERITY? Here 18 An exceptional opportunity to purchase a cigar.

confectionery, dellcatessen and stool in Buffalo's largest apartment house; rent $15 month ing beat; sease: businems 2270 to $300 week; elegant costly Axtures, actually worth sacrifica for $1,000 cash wid he accented balance eary LEWIS, 350 Ellicott Square, Buffalo, N. Y. OLD ESTABLISHED retall hardware store in located business center; invoice wilt take city property as part payment. Address owner, Box 516 TV, Plain Dealer. ORGANIZING special club for studying mechanical drawing: write particulars; give bus.

address and phone No. Box 925 Plain Dealer. OLD established grovery In Mentor, good F. E. Stop 61, Mentor, 0.

PARTNER Young man with $400 for good paying business; money secured and Food tocome guaranteed. Hox 1213 Plain Dealer. RNG. HOUSE. near Euclid and 14 lge, garage: rt.

$00; lease 5 brass el. beds: Inc. $160; terms elegant A APPLE de Schofeld RMNG HOUSE-0 well $25; inc. 850; a real bargain; $225; act quick. STONE.

804 Penn Square and 55th. ROOMING house or hotel wanted; about 30 rooms; give full particulars. Box 1114 Plain Dealer. ROOMING house. 11 $500; good In come: terms.

Apply 1053 E. 59th. RESTAURANT on E. Both -Fine locality ready to open. Ina.

21S Ontario, STORE will close Monday If not sold; other business compels 118 to sacrifice; stock consists of groceries, and sales now running $17 to $35 day. Inquire 10119 St. Clair. SALOON- -Transfer corner: always money maker; leaving city. Box 823 Plain Dealer.

COSSER ESTER invest' la. Now England SIGN outfit $55; coneider partnership, $30; give phone No. Box 1226 W. Plain Dealer. TAILOR chop for sale, good East End location.

Call Princ. 2007 W. TIRE and repair shon for sale: great bargain. Box 817 Plain Dealer. UP-TO-DATE cash market and grocery for sale.

Call Union 475 WILL SELL tho only delicatessen, dining room and hotel in Akron, 0. Situated In the center of town and doing a splendid bustness; the hotel is furnished with 34 rooms; can sell with hotel or without. Box 001 W. Dealer. WE HAVE a good investment.

socured by mortgage: 8 nift. concern that is doing 8. big business. Address Box 120 Y. Plain Dealer.

WILL invest In iron and steel manufacturing business needing additional capital; principala oniy. Hox 0 Y. Plain WANT rooming house or good store. J. H.

Farrell, T40 av. $6.000 WILL bottling plant; dally output 404 of best kind of businesa to make large profit: must sell on account of sickness. Box: 719 Plain Dealer. 87.300 HARDWARE STOCK for sale; good location. Edna Stendh.r.

Sharon Center, 0. 2 BOWLING halls, pins. 901 Addison rd. FOR SALE -AUTOS. GOING OUT OF BUSINESS NO REASONABLE OFFER REFUSED Terms if desired.

1012 Studebaker $200 1912 Rambler, 1911 Marmon $350 1913 Overland touring. 1913 Chalmerg 1912 Oldsmoblle, 7-pass, 1018 Overland $277 1914 Hudson Cabriolet. $500 JOSEPH H. GREENWALD, 1934 Eucild av. Electries at Right Prices.

Going Out of Business. Choice of Baker. Detroit, Rauch Lang coupes, $250 ot $650 cach. No reasonable offer refused. Several charging 875 each.

JOSEPH 1088 H. Kuchd Av. GREENWALD, ST.IGHTLY USED DODGE CAR We offer A Dodge Bros. touring car. which one of our owners is compelled to" dispose of for business reason8: used with such card that it is like price reasonahle.

THE NEIGHBORS MOTOR CO. Chester av. and 21st st. Both phones. Hupmobile voupe, cost run only 7.500 miles: all new tires; elec.

starter, clock, extra tire; in perfect condition: going east and sacrifco for $050. Call and ace car at 1895 E. 130 St. 1914 FORD ROADSTER with demountable vims. speedometer, master vibrator, horn and shock absorber; price reasonable.

THE NEIGHBORS MOTOR CO. Chester av. and E. 21st. Both phones.

BOILER WELDING. Cur boiler welding by expert boiler makers. We. finish the job, redrive and THE METALS WELDING COMPANY. 4400 PERKING AV.

BOTIL PHONES. ROADSTER- 1010. large model Buick; disappearing Beat In Fear, also bucket seat on running board; new tires and. equipment; most powerful Buick in city: A No. 1 condition; demonstration.

2800 Lee Shaker Heights. STUDEBAKER 6 ELECTRIC starting and lighting; good as new: 110 reasonable offer refused; act quick. Eddy 8178 M. FORD DELIVERY BODIES I build them to your order; also carry 100 In stock; have many pleasure bodies on hand. Geo.

C. Bell, 3047 Carnegie av. 1915 FORD ROADSTER, $250 Excellent condition in every way, THE NEIGHBORS MOTOR Chester av. and E. Mat st.

Roth Phones. BARGAIN--1911, mode! PeerlesA, torpedo in excellent condition; exchange for smaller car. Mt. Pleasant Garage. Mr.

Schrager, 18715 Kinsman ri. BUICK 5-PASS. A-1 condition: $200. 3047 Carnegie av. CHEVROLET roadster, Ane shape; very reasonable.

Ford 1013 roadster. goral condition: very reasonable. 6719 Carnegie av, WILL sell Cadillac truck with long body; frat-class car for anybody In the building line. S. Hovanetz, 301G 3fonroe av.

1915 LIGHT roadster, driven 2.700 miles: electric starter and lights; owner leaving town: bargain: $290. 7307 Rutledge av. PEERLESS 35-h. p. car, good ring cradition: make good truck; cash $150.

2171 E. 63th st. in bapt tion; no agent. Owner, 309 Hippodrome Ride. Main 1316 MODEL 1-ton Ford truck: phone for appointment.

The Victor Tea 2084 W. 23th st. Central FOR 1013 Oakland: el. Its. and starter: good $876.

Main 730; Central 7502 W. LATE 1914 5-pasa. Overland: bargain. Call Rose. 429 Harlem 5214.

RADIATORS Son. 6321 Murphy Detroit. 1913 MAXWELL JUDD AUTO. 1216 HURON AD. AUTO radiators.

2076 fenders, E. 334 tanks. Da, FORD delivery, 1913: elec. unust sell quick for $165 cach. 4500 W.

h. WINDSHIELDS repaired. glass Stud B. A B. Windchield Co.

Carnegie, SIP 30 $14.30. 18 1-2" VACUUM cesing. Box 414 Prain Dealer. PIERCE C-38. ARROW ROADSTER.

1016. MODEL NR. GORDON, MAIN LEARN to drive your own car: driving cons reasonable. Rose, 1026 R. CHARGING PLANT.

best of condition, for any electrie. Call Main 084. CHARGING PLANT, GOOD CONDITION. 1. 2174 E.


500 PULLMAN 200 1914 FORD 275 EAST MONTHLY PAYMENTS, WE TEACH YOU TO DRIVE. CENTURY AUTO TRUCK 0205-5207 EUCLID AVE. Used Trucks 'at Bargain: Prices 4 -TON ABRESCH-KRAMER FOR HEAVY pond. bots. newly, painted; good mechanical condition: only $1,100.

Furniture Truck STANDARD, LARGE COVERED furniture body; In good mechanical condition; see this you want A bargain for $1,000. reduces HERE'S ANOTHER GREAT BUT AT A price; 8-ton WI cox, state body, Continental motor. Timken axles. for Ored Truck Dept, Rosedale 2100 and Central 408. 5206.

PROSPECT 1916 48-HORSEPOWER TOURING CAR May be purchased at a bargain; may be seen at Baker R. L. Co. sales rooms, 629 Superior av. It excellent condition.

Call Willard, Prospect 2430, between 10 and 1 o'clock. AUTO Tops pairing. 007 re-covered; St. Clair. scat C.

covers: re- TOPS Auto Re-covered, Top $10 712 and Vincent. up. M. Central 834: PEERLESS roadster. beat of condition; gest bargain in Clev.

303 Shaw E. C. GARAGES Prom. A 2607 wood. Cen.

GARAGES Flat 8233 ront, 11. $58. 12104 healers, Chesterdeld. $12. Cylinders Bolivar.

reground. Central Marquette K. 072 W. 11. NOBLE, Engineers can sell your for you.

1010 PORT touring: run 2,700 miles. BroadwAy 1825 R. WANTED--AUTOMOBILES. WANTED-Stearns 1010 or 1011. 80-60 chain drive chassis; must be in fair to good condition mo far as necessary to rebullding are concerned: state full particulars and price, including whether or not in hands of original owner.


PLAIN DEALER. BUYER OF USED CARS Parts for All cars. 2754 F. Central 6.10. Roscdale 1508.

USED and useless CATE. and accessories bought and Fold. 1. M. Auto Wreck 1676 E.

55th. Home. 548 Central 7251 Is. WANTED -Wrecks and burnt cara, any condition. American Auto Wrecking 4118 E.

Cent. 4136 W. WILL. TAKE AUTO for equity in 4 lots. 300 Columbia bldg.

ONE steamer, 2 gas care, a eluctrio cars. willing to pay 8100 ur leca. 2713 E. 86th. Roredale 8605 W.

USED and uselesa cars bought and sold: highest prices pald. 4538 Rome. 2705. WANTED- gas and atennirr care. any condition.

4800 Cedar. Rosedule 3595. $150 EQUITY In lot to trade for auto: what have. you? 13ox 408 Y. Plain Dealer.

HIGHEST prices paid for used autos. motor. cycles, bicycles, Cohen, 1418 Prospect. NEW or nearly new. car, for Shaker Heights lot.

Box 513 Plain Dealer, HIGHEST prices paid; old autos for scrap. 2330 E. 79th. Gar. TOS.


Cary, the best in apDear. service, $2, $2.50 br. 3231 J. CADILLAC touring cars, $1.50 and fill drivers. Cen.

0-22 Main 3011; Mar10 2500 Broadway 1064 R. ABERDEEN AUTO LIVERY -Naw Mar8 $1.50. $2. Rosedale 3890; Central 62 W. TRUCKS, tons; br.

or contract. Roberta Auto Truck 8850 Prospect. Phones. Comer Auto Livery. cars: $1.50 Garf.

to 2262 $2.50 W. per hour. HIGH GRADE STEARNS car for rent; per hour. Princeton 2004 R. 1916 MAX at $1.50 per hour; careful driver.

Roelale 2890 J. 1-PASSENGER Cadillac cars tor hire: $2 to $8 per hour. Garfeld 2347. 5-PASS. Buick.

$1.50 per owner driving. Eddy 2307. MOTORCYCLES, MOTORBOATS. EXCELSIOR motorescle for sale; good runorder; $25. Baiach-Krochle ask for Mr.

Black, corner Wade Park and Addison rd. $140 CLEVELAND 2-stroke, 2-speed. Time payments. 6120 Euclid AV, ELEVEN ft. dinghy or tender, 2-h.

p. motor with magneto; like now; 877. P. st. Wand TI R.

MOTORCYCLE Indian single: watch as part payment. 1816 W. 95th. Edgowater 1001 INDIAN single, $20, good condition, ROAN, jieckman av. after 6 p.

Seovill car, 18-FT. MOTORBOAT with 9-H. P. Ferro: fully Dante's. Main 4120.

BICYCLES. FAMOUS Iver Johnson bicycle now sold $5 down. $1 work. Superior. DOGS, POULTRY, PET STOCK.

A VERY white splash Roston bull terHer. female. Inonths old. The City tr Clock Hospital, 1241 Prospect. Pol 5 wacky old, for gale Gut town.

1901 E. 110:1: Gar. 1400 R. BOSTON sCrew tall pupates: Call 15301 Daniel Chir-Collinwood car. BEAGLE HOUND pits.

6 weeks old, for reasonalie, Call or write 8505 Cedar. CONSIDINE POWELL treated boarded. 1502 Abbey Phone FEMALE COLLIE PUP for sale, $10, Earle Shaw, Copley, 20. Ohio. STORAGE.

FREE MOVING to regulations storage under ice moving contract ow Hose. 87. The Central Stre. Co. C.

00 29. STORAGE on household fireproof Moods bide. and Eagle Stur. Moving Co. 800 Eagle av.

bouta phones NOTHING on this eartH ts tree but the breathe; Jur prices are always fair. West Side StOraid Harvard 1811. Central 102. FIREPROOF storage, moving, packing. The Boost Bros.

1838 E. 56th. Hosedald 430; Central BUSINESS OARD3. Mrs. JI.

A. Freed HOSPITAL SANITARIUM Chronic neryous and medical cases: comfortable home for in-; valids. Garfield 6309. ur AI: 0 Molen, Ca Prackier, Blackheads. Pard Veins, removed by Hooklet free.

Mias Kense. 315 cild. over Stone's Shor store NOTICES. Dear Helen. come home at once: everything is forgiven.

If you do not come home at once Ire will employ detectives search for you, PARENTS. FOR BALE- NEODS. A few drop kat wowing machines. i AS bow 13. White Sewing MAchine 446 aY.

Main am. Central W. All makes. All price. WADSWOR ENCHANTE.

1425 OTH NORTH SUPERIOR. ARNOLD ribrator and 19, C. fan. 1274 W. 1020.

upstairs. CAR toad of show cases, counters, shelving, wall cases, cheap: de 4058 81. Clair. DRY PINE and oak kindling wood cut length, $3 poi load of two deltyered: this is beat and cheapest wood obtainable any where. Phone or mall order to Ge).

Jennings, 17220 Watertoo rd. DESKS of all kinda, sales. Ales. mirrore, typewriters, Dealer, 115 ligh, FOR SALE Billard tables. news: carom and pocket, with complete outAt, $125; wand tables at reduced prices: bowling alley easy payments: cigar store.

drux. and doxia fountain Axle re. The 00., Hun Elks' temple. FOR SALE Bar. hotel pool supriles.

Prospect av. 8. E. JEWEL gas range, practically new; will sell: for 814; must aril this neck. 12.

03th. MIRRORS to Ina. order, Emice resilver Con 6132 and Ructid. tramMANURE for eule by CAr toad. 101T 19th, Now and teed Lamber.

65. Pros. 2617. Sixth 1000 Chy Orange. Wrecking Cent.

Co. 1343. R. PAINT $1.10 Stove per gal: 1770 W. ready 35th.

mixed. 11: 1641. Pearl J. rennished: second hand 100 Low ones. Diebolt 3179 E.

9th TYPEWRITERS RENTED. Non- Visibles 4 montha for $3,00. 8 months for $7.00, AMER. WRITING MACHINE 3010 INC M. 0.154.

86 Muciid Arcade. C. W. TEN second- land gas ranges, CUR: ranges nn! comb. coal vat.

Cleveland biore Repair mold. rented. Ohio Typewriter 24 Euclid Arcade. IVOOD FREE. 3491 1 110th YOU'RE Dangerous Girl -Al Jolson' New Song Hit.

America, Love You--My Little Dream Girl- -with other. popular And music, postpaid, 10 cents. Address. Opera Music Co. 632 West 160th New York City.

00.000 FT, lumber and timber. 2v4 to 14x16, F. Maddock, M. 0140, Washington av. N.

W. WANTED -MISCELLANEOUS. kinds houschold goods bought. tall Engewater 762 W. 4303 Clinton ay.

BEST priory tor household 1482 W. 23th st. Cent. GOT BUY Smith. us hold Rose.

1432 best prices. Prine. 2124 15. K. H.

CLOTHING Men's Chester's. -off Call clothes Eddy CALL Wirick Cent. Auction: ABOT; for Prospect dousehoid 844, GEM AUCTION Cash for houseliald gooda. 1864 E. 65th.

C. RANT Rose, 379. HIGHEST prices paid for old clothes. valuAbles. 1418 Prospect.

Pros. 2064; C. BAST L. HIGHEST cash price paid for disks and of. Ace furniture, Main 1700 Cent.

3631 R. PAY best Gardeld cash 1098 prices W. for Dousehold gouts. WE pay highest price for household goods and office furniture, Central 1046 L. HOUSEHOLD GOODS--FOR SALE.

4-ROOM OUTFIT Storage lot. No. consisting of living room, bedroom. dining room and kitchen, daveno bed with two rockers to fated large living room table, white bed with all-metal spring, oak dresser rocker to match, oak dining act, buffet, round tahle and Fix leather soni chairs; kitchen table and chairs. A real bargain; these.

goods being practteally now. worth $350; owner obliged to sell; will entire Int for $135; wan he for small additional cost it not wanted at once, Call at The Storage Co. 03411 1. 9th. Near Central.

DINING room, living room, bed ronin furniture and rugs at A sacrifice. If. Lapon, 1842 11. A5th, 4 doors north DINING kitchen and other furniture for sale. Grandylew, C.

DINING room furniture, Flemish oak. 131 flowemond id. Phone W. FURNITURE SALI-Greal opportunity for young couple. Furniture Exhibition Malra room, 2026 Euclid av.

FOUR dressers, beda, springs. And round dining table. 2154 E. 35th st. GOING AWAY, sac.

mah. h'hold goods. also other goods. 1954 E. 107th cor.

suite 2. HOTEl, furniture for sale cheap, Including rugs and bedding. Apply 512 Prospect. LEAVING aty: furniture, rugs, stove ice hox at sacrifice. 1642 E.


LATHES Ve have on hand two new 1A-inch 8-fL. bed double back geared engine lathes, with quick change gear hox; right price for 1m- mediate sale. Cleveland Lathe Machinery, 1111 Whitney Power Block. MOTORS renteo. rewound wold and and repaired; boughL, rent and try before you buy, The largest motor house in Ohto.

THE ELLIOTT ELECTRIO M. 6412. Champlain av. 0. 4031.

FOR SALE Thaw Abovel. long stink, 1 year old, cost $0, (M); also large concrete mixer; con br on job al 8, Morland VIew village. for price call Mr. Roose, Broadway 1207 J. EXCAVATING Three Arlin hate and clamshell bucket; nearly now: tra'ne derrick, swinging engine, GAl trains, brine mold before ITti.

R. I. Medina, 0. DRILL PRESS, punch press, square shears, bending brake, ewing cut-of and 8-H. P.

A. C. motor. Ing Columbia bide. BORING MACHINE WORK Have work for Cleveland or Aimliar mach.

Who has one busy Main CAm J. WOODWORKING machinery. giles, shafting, pulleys, Cleveland Belting Machinery 1822 Serauton rd. 00.000 FT. lumber and timber, 2x4 to 10x16.

F. Mandock, M. 5440, 1012 Washington av. N. W.

USED metal working machy. M. Osborne CA. 017 Am. Prust M.


Ar. Central. STORE FIXTURES of all kind-: til fix you whole complete: anteed; (nah or credit. 811 VAT. STORE show refrigerator Ax.

Dimplay Room, 646 Bidz ICE ROXER, urns, tables. chairs, cheap. 2114 SODA FOUNTAINS, not in the trust. The Eastern Syndicate. 2198.90 E.

9th counter. show ass. poler and chrap. 10:23 I'nton 1 HORSES AND VEHICLES. DUMP WAGONS.

NEW TROY AJAX in stock for immediate Tre wagon without an equal. THE W. M. SUPPLY 00. CLEVELAND WANTED- Carriage 1:0 sound.

well gaited and P. '1 13 high. weighr about 1.200 browns preferred. Write full and price to. J.

E. Clara. HAND MADE top i painted and in gond conditin: cheap. 4025 Henritze av, K. WORK TEAM.

farm wit mare. bugry harness; Pe3: Pros. HORSE AND 4229 St. 9 FOR E- Moving 1PRIS harness. 1329 st.

FOR SALE- Pony 2210 P. 74th PATENT3 WN. MONAUE. palette, tradema: ka copyrights, removed 10 Dice. Main 4128.

J. BOMMHARDT patent and trade mark 880 The Arcade. Phones. JOBEPH L. WRIGHT, patents, electrical cases a Nos Amarican Trust Bldr.

FOR SALE--REAL ESTATE FOR SALE- -REAL ESTATE. RESIDESCE PROPERTY. PROPERTY. USED CAR BARGAINS WINTONS 1 1914 0-pass, touring 1913 5-pass. touring 1,000 1 1913 roadster 100 1 1912 5-pass.

touring 700 1 1911 5-pass. touring 600 1910 5-pars, touring 450 450 1910 touring 1 1910 with delivery body 630 Rebuilt and fully equipped. OTHER MAKES 1914 Regal coupe 1013 Cadillac 630 1011 Marmon 330 1914 550 1910 Croxton with delivery bodly 550. THE WINTON CO. 1230 Huron Rd.

You Never Heard of Bargains Like These FOR $200 you CAN GET A 1010 A T-PASSEN. GER CARFORD with starter. good tires, and In good MECHANICAL condition. TWO LAST YEAR'S CHALMERS MIXES, 7-passenger touring care, almost like new: excellent condition; starters and right up to the minute; no reasonable offer will he CHADWICK FOUR -PASSENGER, HEADY for a epeedy demonstration; make an offer on this car: it's going at A bargain price. TWO BIG CARS FOR $1.100, ORDINARIly the price of one: 1913 Peerless and Sixes: electric starters: Ane for livery Or A SNAPPY A JEFFERY ROADSTER Invalid cars: fully, equipped.

must be sold at once; see It and make an subject to the owner's acceptance ASK FOR MR. PORTER. Telephones Rosedale 2600 and Central 199. WILL SELL, My 7-Pass. PIERCE-ARROW DON'T DELAY IN ORDERING YOUR NEW FORD CAR Come.

fu 'and place your order now to 1n- Late 1913 model. Just out of Pierce-Arrow factory; completeIly rebuilt, and latest improvements added. New top and new tires, and" newly refinished. Car never driven by chauffeur. Can be seen at 631 Superior N.

E. Reo Coupe. fine order. Hudson Coupe 550 1916 Overland 500 1916 Overland Roadster 473 other Touring Cara, 290 Real Barguins. THE A.

R. DAVIS MOTOR CO: Distributors of Studebaker Cars. Prospect 1843. 2020-26 Euclid Av. Cent.

910. WILL pay cash for your used Ford or trade it for a new 1917. Central Wagon Auto Co. 1730 Euclid av. sure prompt delivery when new modela Arrive.

Central Wagon Auto 1730-89 Muelid-av. APPERSON TOURING, $450 electric starter, electric lights; cost very good car, for $450: will 80- dept Ford or other small car In trade. THE NEIGHBORS MOTOR CO; Chester av. and E. 21 st Both Phones, INVESTIGATE THIS Jeffery, 1014; electric lieuts.

air punip. vacuum feed. four new tires, two extra tires. splendid conditinn: price Lerni8. Owner, Box 420 Y.

Plain Dealer. $1.070 OVERLAND $150 1915 model, complete equipment with elpo. trio starter. electric demountable rime, Very fino condition; great 'bargain at $150. THE NEIGHBORS MOTOR CO.

Chester Av. and F. 21st St. Doth Phones. CARBON WHILE YOU OUT 250 WAIT.


MULL SUPPLY CO. Both Phones, 1820 Euclid. WANTED, WRECKS And junk automobiles of description; highest cash prices. 2754 C. 55th st.

Hosea dale 1565: Central 61A. NEW Baker and R. L. elec. broughams at decontinuing business; one rear drive, one dupler: write for particulars.

Alamo Auto Supply San Antonio, Tex. REPAIR PARTS FOR FORDS. We carry complete stock, THE R. C. HULL SUPPLY Both phones, 1820 Euclid av.

R. L. 4-PASS. coupe, shaft drive; fine condition: for cheap. FRED VAN ELECTRIC Marlo 1170.

18626 Detroit, Highland 530 R. FOR SALE Ruick C-87; admittedly the best car the Buick ever made: practically new; good condition. Busines phone Main (60; residence phone Garfield 756 R. TIRES Full Mine 15 of buy, new sell And and used trade. tires, Tire Shop, R307 Euclid.

Both phones. Open Sundays and evenings. 1. L. ROADSTER: evide batteries: with general electric charging plant; $150 if today.

('all Pros. 21:30 bet. 10 and 1. o'clock. R.

C. Wiliant. LANG 25. coupe, shaft drive; And for male chean. Fred Van Elec.

15024 Detroit. Mario 1770; Highland 556 R. THE JOLLY WELDERS We make our customers happy, too. EBERHARD WELDING 2147 E. 20 8T.

FORD TOURING CAR Worth 8300. for $200. 3047 Carnegie av. AUTO TOPS re-covered and new, also slip covers, Ohio Auto Top Co. 1022 Chestnut.

Prospect 2558. RADIATORS Clove. 2248 Auto F. Lamp 35th. Fen- Rad.

der; body crop. Cent. 8150 Roge. 1441. A DILLAC 4- raadster.

exrollent condition, breely, silent. powerful; Main 73 or Sunday Garfield W. OVERLAND COUPE; 1013 model: excellent! 1 condition: can be seen at TACOMA, garage or call Dr. Welsa, Gar. W.

FORD DELIVERY CAR Like new. 3045 Carnegle av. CADILLAC touring cars, $1 50 and rareful drivers. Gen. Main 3411; Mar.

Broadway 10 R. 1916 FORD TOURING A-1 shane: bargain. 2042 M. 124th. LICHT roadster.

driven 200 electric starter and Mehta; owner leaving town; hargain, 1507 Rutledge av. LIGHT touring car: A-1 condition: all cord tires; Inust bo sold by Sunday. ADO Wade Park ay. AN In newly painted 1. and now tires: $250.

Inquire 7714 Camerio. LIGHT 1915 car for sale: 4 new' tires; beet running order: $300 taken it, Prine. 1916 MAXWELL tourire, perfect cotalition: Mrs, Stein. inee. 3864.

MUST all my 1914 7-parmenger Oakland for $400: a sacrifica. Pox. Plain Dealer. BUYS 1913 Overland roadster in good condition. Call 14100 Clifton, Mario 9617 J.

RADIATORS RIOT Made. Euclid rebuilt. av. Rose. repaired.

610. RADIATORS Fenders rep. 1002 BeckerI BUICK CONDITIOY. ROADSTER. E.

$200, MATH TARGAIN: REAR. FINE FIVE- PARS. WHITE perfert no roar. offer refused. 0133 F.

80th, upstairs, PACKARD roadster. plan. and Main eveninge, Marlo 603 W. WANTED repalring. expert on gAs or Alectrice.

charges reasonable. 1002 Lakeside, RADIATORS AND LAMPS repaired. Auto Lamp Radiator 1014 Prospect av. TROCK good running condition: $150. Rose.

144. Cent. R. WILL a 1917 Studebaker; never run; cash oniy. Mr.

Maboo, Rosetale 2217. 1 i RESIDEACO PROPERTY. SHERIFF SALE Warner located comer Breadway and Erto me, Lorain, 0.. Frontage on 120 AR Erte 178 1 three facing Broadway and one story bids. of 8 en R.

Erie nearly All rented on good rated terms: property wall will be sold by the sherif at nortb door et for business purposes This property court house. Aug. 4. 1910. between and 10 o'clock A.



WEST SIDE BARGAINS Double house: 6 moms on part aide: pared street. tour Brochsido park; 3 sood lots, 183 fort deep. 001 Woburn $345 wash PROD. Fine nEW. in date family "house 0n Rorym8 av: tot trot: price rash.

Balance monthly monta. THE BLASER REALTY CO, Pearl rd. (cor. Woburn), Harvard 2005 and Itiveralte 11 Carpenter Contractor Lat Ahow you the best proposition in the cliv you are looking for 4 few Inta 0n which to build and sell ODo or twit family houses THE ALASUR REALTT 4884 Pearl rd. toor.

Woburn av.) Phones Harvard and Riverside 11 WV. Open P.M. Sunday and Daily For Immediate Sale -Single frame, vacant; dot bard CRS, hot "water heat stationary tuhe, montele, slate roof; RaTAga tutel: comment 1114 liant room. doors, wash lawl on drat flory, toilet in bare, front TV1 rear porches. 2 bat ha; no Pairmount Shaker blvd.

reasonable price and terme for action, b. NEAR NELA PARK Only 450 fu. av. Cur; 2-fam. house.

moderne 1 LOU lot all street 1.0 be pal for: must all before Alone; WIll be on Job every day till come GUI and the bargain. and 33 av, Broadway 003 $300 CASIT Will buy due It 14 home 000 111th. near 5 larea hath, nace, launder, lot Mr. after th P. 11.

HEIGHTS APARTMENT Brick with porchre, modern, unl hot water heat; $1,800 pur prive Mi; will lox Plain Dealer. 4104 I. WE BUILD HOMES $1,500 UP. Free plans and WA do general repairing of all THE REALTY HOME 40 COLUMBIA BOIXT. AM CUTTING up ing my DotA.

all on: Dit city car West Side orchard into built. 11 no, 37 fi square; toady to and Main 10. or write SlY. X. Plain Dialer: CARLINE New 1-r.

house, nak finish. and steam heat. only CAn make torte. Wiekford 5 min. walk mart of Ivanhoe Enolld AV.

Inquire 1704 Wickford rd LAKEWOOD bargaln, D- Douan, neAr Detroit: Ale of beautiful hartwond throughout: owner leaving muni wHil almo trade for suburban. Box 811 Plain Dealer, or Marlo 801 $200 DOWN $1.800 for quirk sale: bungalow Ion Hayder BROWN REALTY co. Cont. K. 2012 Lorain av.

Harv. 1103 W. MUST SELL house, good renting loration. condition, 81.300; 4-family 87.900, near Muelld, pays MaIn 41:39. $2,650 A hath.

gas. uro. lte. HarvaNt ny. Part.

cash. BOx 1147 A. Iwalr. AM going in In Lima and will sac. 7 two- family with Yale just a few done East reaterms for quick lp.

('all 4160 J. 188 SAVANNAU AV. Modern house, In all detaile: mantel. haw. paved street; near car line; Ane restdefine soution.

(all Eddy OPP 40 J. 1037'11 a $3 100 BOY8 AT 10005 NOT MODERN BUT A GOOD BUY FOR THE Call Mr. Prior at It. garage; will well at: owner leaving woRt alde of street. 1434 Itockway I LAKEWOOD bargain: 8-room house, city.

Cali Merlo 2500. $4,300 Two houses, 4 rents $17; on Suprior. 10A 117 Y. Main Deater, Mario 1600 J. I HAVE the beet buy on the Famt Shove, either acres or large lots.

I'hone Air. Brewster, Main 141 014 bargain- -New rm. house, all Improver menta: lot 44x480; price reasonable down payment. halance as rent. Call at 15085 Hilliard 1kwd.

2-FAMILY, $5,250 Nr. Wade Park renta Mr. man, the Conolly Co. Main 0288. 113TH.

modern home: oleo h. heat, Duk larke porch: int 35x110, al! Imp: IN CARD balance Call lyon, Af. NEW double, mix side, rented $00; double garage; hy $0 200. 1942 Brockley, Lakewond. Box 1044 8, traler, BEST LAKEWOOD BARGAING P.

1. and hath, 1581 Fibur av. Call Marlo J. Only' IF yOU have from you may purchare ca: ritce price rm. MIngle houNe on NAvannah E.

C. ('all owner, Garl, FIDELITY And hath on fonr: all modern new: bell tor carh $800. Lorain 1371 W. 6-KOOM house, 'all modern; lot 85x120; east of 105: A doorA from Superior car: price $3.000, cash. Eddy 4450 J.

GUILFORD CHOICEST LOT DG this beautiful 100x225; wooded; for quick sale. Slain 256. MONTH Shaker Lakes lot, 0x15); al: Be. fruit treen; near school, church, rapid parka. Franklin.

LAKEWOOD Int, 40x128, north of Take a v. beach $1.400 for quick male, II, I'. 1110 Hippodrome Bids. RANT OVERLOOK AND COVENTRY. Very the cor.

lot, ly underpriced. Main 266. LKWD. home, 1490 Arthur 8 rooms; A PAL aide of a rent: large Int; all garage. Mario 797 J.

BARGAIN Call Neautifol D. Rubin, Garfeld Main park lot. 80; Central 1480 W. 13414 HORNER AV. 5.

all elec. Mehta. Hee owner at Nor school. cor. F.

New 6-r. cottage, st. W. Columbia Elda. Main 4130.

$215 CAHIL buys pretty lot near lake. west. Box V05 Y. Pialn Dealer, Alain 8100. CRANFORD, 1241, Lkwd.

2-tam. roomie all mod. nr. Clifton bivd. Owner.

CHOICE Lewd. lot, Marlo 40x130; on Nicholson ur. bird. Owner, 1281 Align. 11 R.

SACHIFICEL4 rd. Int. 80x210 Fairmount hive. Cont. 1706 M.

NEW terms of lot In payint. Mario 796 Cent. MCKENNA BROS well, trade Write Are 1305 Open even. IF ICI want 6 8001 lot see Christian 400, Hayden a w. Eddy 2898.

DUM.EX rd, -1-r. each: take lot in trade Hippodrome. E. PITH 1245 Modern 8-rm. house, hot water heat: garage.

Owner. FOR Lakewood or two family, call J. T. Marlo 1119 W. DOUBLE toure lat.

nr. high $1, Call 1049 J. CHAW, cot. 1334-Corner lot, ed; will sacrifce. Muln 256 2.

180TH, 037-Mod. Main 216; Rosedale 2084 $1,000 E. C. nonresident owner. Main 1978; Cent.

W. Your Opportunity! Your Opportunity! 11 you are interested in having NICE SUBURBAN HOME SITE now or in the future in the cardemine section of Ohio, right on the 3 Elyria. car line, it will to to your to investigate thin This property fronts on Lorain Avenor at Stops 27 aDd and the soil is TArT dark the bast for gardening that can be found, Lois are all 50 FEET front and run from 147 10 172 FEET la depth and will range in price front $301 Aud upwards. Terms are 10 per cent. down and $5.00 per month.

No let ill be more than Ave minutes' walk from car. This will he an ideal garden alloturnt and for the home seeker it Is just whet you are looking for. You rannot ford to miss this opportanity. Como out Sunday: it unable, for particulars call, phone or write P. J.

J. J. HAAS Edcawater 976 W. 6331 Lorain. Ave.

Cent. 1248 W. PROMINENT SELL. FAMILY WILL HOME Prominent faintly has Dod for the home which only they have 10; on of beat an ideal place, with everything Ane in quality, did in arrangement, rooray, convenient, quiet elegance for and comfort. all monts: such details the indoor the artletto: chandeliers, the well taromant, the leaded windows, the venient garage and well arranged 111 until with the family though Maerkie Momman, Citizens Bldg.

phones. NAW T-ROOM ON Lake Mbure nr. lake: lot $5.150: large living rm, brick Areplace, panel dining: room, with china 3 bedroom: eleeping porch and bath on Maich attic: an unusually attractive and well built house. Also 2 new housem off St. Clair all paved: each: down payment, Call on her, Eddy J581; Princeton 4131: L.

BE HAPPY AND WISE BUY A HOME Easy Terms; plank Free. THE HOMI0 A004. 00., 4 Citizens Bide. Builders of for 17 YrA, Open evenings by Matt: 1901 R. 6 fiN Easier and Better Than Renting.

Ar lake cottage, pay ti-r. ur, TeAch and St. lovely, (rant Fond bargain, largo 3. 103th and St. 5.

JIRS. IRISII 145 car Burton Av. Take 14, J06th CUT THIS 848 maw quits CORDOVA. 1044 hoise, 1st buick. mantela, bookcases, window seat, enina cabinet, oak Moore throughOft.

oak down, vellow nine up, sun room; modern lit every cam pate 10 with and heauty: close tie Marl CAr line under construction. For 800 J. 11. owner And builder, Weal aY, Marlo: W. MONEY TO BUILD Tinuers bullt front $1,000 up on lot.

FOR SALE near Frankllo 2. 5 and bath In vech suite. W. MAIN Dear Denison AV. house, and bath; these places can be bought At 8 if sold at oner.

A. E. BARTON Main 4180. Central 52. NEW A TWO K.

one. half from Euclid 5 with 3 on third toor: Just completed by owner; One home or 14 in THIS 810 10ppodrome Matu 2016. Fine Single Down. and Morr IN. E.

150th at. Choice of Euclid or car, 0 room and attle; price 11 LA SHin 1 Contrat 4500 DOWN RUYA 2 FAMILY: DOUBLE GARAGE AND DRIVE: MOUTH OF NEAR NELA. PARK; INCOME $05 PER MONTH; PRICE 000: BITOWN BY APPOINTMENT. EDDY WV, NEAR TOTH ANd Cedar Large 2 family romme up, 7 roomna down: modern: with: house in rear; hath and will rent for $10 per month; aril for 06,800 hard cash: rent will pay balance. Box 112 Dealer, BUSINESS LOT, CHEAPI Ripa for holiding: End.

right near 40P- ner. 150 ft wIll sell for lemm haft tho prico of property in this diatriot 10 sold quick for cah, M1. Eddy 1900 R. 211 FEET FRONTAGE Oft PORT of Lake Erie; exclusive 13 to square; almost An 0012 01 wonderful count for shore estate: price Phone Brewster, Main LAKEWOOD BARGAIN Winchester 1048; $400 down. balance come 8 rant, BIOWN REALTY ('0.

'ent. 3618 K. 2012 Loralp av. 1404 W. A 1 LAKEWOOD able of bargain and other close to I bungalow, nr.

and Mr owner. 1480 Winton av. Tel. Stario W. Marlo 240.

BEAUTIFUL home, 4. bedronts, rage: will toll at car line, DAw leaving town 2 Sopt. yr. old; built and for sale 1 block from by owner. Box 622 Main healer, or Main 240.

5 TWO up. 4 rms, down: now rented for $38; F. 1020 SUPERIOR primo GAME. only SUPERIOR REALTY CO; PRIN. down.

5053 10324 AUPERIOR AV. 3114 L. BUNGALOW Your price and 6 hath; fruit; frat: Sr house fare, on av. Nott. 101 Lee Fuller, stop 7, HEIGHTS 2 FAMILY 14 rooms; lat double raRe; heal in every resport.

NoR today, 2664 shire rd. E. bath: howd. Arm. and All nr.

Kinanian and 105th Owner, Kilroy, 0107 Ramona blvd. Broadway 1200 J. BEAUTIFUL. bungalow on Greenlawn off of will lot price fur quick li. Call sleyer, 2877 F.

107TH 80. of 8t. Clatr- Dandy bungalow: down payment; cony terms; 1704 will R. consider trade. Alain 32871 Central LAKEWOOD2 beautiful homew.

juxt com1 new subdivision; down. balance $30 monthly. J. T. Mario 1719 W.

NEW 4. room Douse; all screens: nice yard; payment; balance $25 month. Eddy 4278 J. HILLOCK mr. D.

Olet, 24 n. ul 8t. Clair- -Cory, 6 rin. house: nearly new. Inq.

105 Arcade. C. 711. now, near Hayden- 89x180; larre lit. rm: ft.

w. tile mantel; rabinet: easy terma. Owner, bit 6 R. AND hardwood Anish: paved c.ff bargain; Tom Hayden. 187 W.

BROOKLYN, 1412 Woburn Av. -New, 5 rms. and bath; can be bought Sunday for las than coal; torina. Harvard R. Jake AV.

hotne, or will change for suburban property, Mario 300; Owner, 1017 Plain FOR FATE Lake wond home br will change for property. Mario 804. Owner, Box 005 Main down ani monthly will buy it new 6-Im, homie: $8840; a bargain. J. T.

Creahan, Marlo 1719 W. HAYWELL 12340- 2-fam. on beautiful now for your in' apretion. Call Princeton 1331 W. POLONTAT.

houre, rOOmA, 1 bathe. 2 porches; extra dna chendellera, Call Gat Ar 14 4971 3, 100TH. Madison car -Mod. home; will consider trade. Main 824T; Central 1706 H.

NEW in Brouklyn, all Inquire IC. A. Branch, Home Treat. LAKE -Nice home: 3 ali in Karden, fruit, trees. A 1025 Winton av.

ARDESALL, Nd. rooms, new house: forte, Eugeno Hider. Main Central 5523 R. BARGAIN- Cali lake E. front lot, Nottingnar 119 W.

POR. SALE r. house; modern; bot water neat. 42x120, property at 550 124:3 1418 H. THE CAMPBELL REALTY :0 buy, ml or ax.

real estate 529 Bidy. 13: with garage, 1 at 1. it, Keln. 2:14 W. 1th.

TAYLOR RU. ft. at. near North Wormi. land; $05: terms.

Jiain 1402. Funertor var. Tr. $1 Pidy AKRON. I FOR SALE.

48 acres on W. Market st: splendid for allotment; special price for few days. Write, call or wire, A. Kellar, 10 Way, ALFOD. EXORANGE-REAL ESTATE.

TRADE cor. lot en Eaton for. kata, 1822 Houch ay. Prin. 2602 Ask for L.

80 ACTINS on road. mites southwest 61 city; 2 larre barns, 6-roomn horsed, large hon house. corn crib, bog house, candy soli, price worth $200 per aero: will exchange. TILE I. G.

2003 NEWKIRK REALTY 35th. TRADE FOR 2 FAM. class $3,640 rents; trade for 2-tamily Mall or Mr. small single: culek action nectaEddy 3059, The 1AM CALIFORNA homa, beautiful ruburb of Fan Francino; will or arahange for land 0: suburban. Improved unimproved.

0. dauber Brass Sirg. City. SOX10 lots. 18 minutes from of Now York elty: wortH $1.800.

What Have you to offer In Brackman. diarose st. NEW YORK 18 minutes from heart of city, worth $1,800: what have you to offar in Cleveland proporty? J. Brackman, Harose av. ton DUPLEX house, 6 mad.

and bath suite. cor. and E. 141st; will trade equity 4. for tot or auto.

Call. Edir 2771. NEIF carage; lat 60x130: Noble rd: bargain 07 trade for 4-fam. F. G.

er, 444 lose Didz. Main 2604. EQUITY 13 0-r. House. all modern.

In good 108. to exch. for good Box 713 Plain Dealer. 1050. Lakerlew rd.

ELEGANT a Superior car; route, Lath; 3 011 3d: dbL brick garage; trade for Main 8000. Cent. WILL coulty for houses X. Plain Dealer. 82 Wade Bidg.

WILL exchange equity in single house for double house or Tot. 9003 30 COTA. nr. Sett what have you EA offer? Highland 3p3 MONEY TO LOAN. ROOM HOME SACRIFICE OPEN TODAY 18412.

Casper furt north of Ht. Clair, close ti R. 103th. 6t. ('lair and Sucars room, and Inclosed porch; xiate roof: modern in every respect: lot price fur immediate well worth payable monthly with A per interest: will.

elder trade, this by all Owner on promises. Main 5641. Central 44. JAUM4 IF. WARMS WORTH WHICH DA acree on raved road; sand miles: mouthwest of elty; price To on miles from city car; brick house: price $10.000.

9 miles west of city: good bullatrice wak 42 on road; moot price $7,000, city property, WIll exchange any one These farms for FOR dairy and fruit farm: TIa G. NEWKIRK REALTY CO. 0004 11. 25th.fertile 10 room Douse; haro and 0110 h. ahed 20 make creamery, A completely granary and all other buildings to farm; all fret clara outer: 1.500 wOUnd wire bear town, schools car line; R.

33. and telephone: easy will well with 0 crape direct And and or without: deal with 871 FO commiasion; a real good reasons for selling. 1. charion, FOR fruit farm, "Hame of the "The tome One lawn, tonnia court, evergreens: over 000 trees. 4 bearian.

110 fall healthy trues: location good: horses, barN farm: tools, hay, grain, write for: with viewa 1. 4 Timpaom, Alto, Alich, 48 1-4 14 M1. from house, barn and other out all toola complete: 1 pr. good A 8: 2 100 and ducka; 1-tot Auto trick: 831 A-1 fruit and truck farm. F.

Bodeker. 110 Amor. Trust g. WELT. Improve.

nimbly productive, nore farm, located 21-2 folles from Nadaan, 0,. on paved big bargain for quick male. Box 605 Main Dealer. 8031 J. winds IF I $1,600 20 out near buildings, Chardon; stock, tools, house, Prop; barn.

cond firing for some one, Colin. 220 A mora Iran Trust Bldg. FAR 11 4 every 1A 4 year. Write for our that. 8, Martin Bone, LITTLE 94 a.

farms, $025: mo, paymia. The Mollinley 1500 Union Nat'l Bank Bid, 16 A. PAIR plenty of fruit; near Rocky River; will tada M. C. 41.

re A TO BUY, vell exchange farin $00 for, American Trust Bide. Ainta 6393. CHAGRIN farm, and auburban property, N. M. Kent, Chagrin Falla, O.

FOR FARM BARGAINS ATM The O. 001 Garfield FARMS- Large and small to exchaner. The H. 4, Nowhirk Manity 8008 W. 25th.

FOiL Fond farina, The J. B. Hoffman 114 Williningon FOR PARMA, big or J. dard, 244 The Arcade. SO BURBAN PROPERTY.

dak. FAMOUS FRUIT PARSE Located on which croted; near the Mormon tomple, in the midst of wealthy TArni section; prura, grapes, pearl cherry, treen, 200 plump apple 40 A. land not in thin beautiful house, will horses, cattle And all equipment for loss than $200 per Come to our office, Mayfield and Green or All we will whew the farm. THE MOUTH DE VELOPMENT CO. 017 Main 1722.

Contral a cai BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY HOME in. Euclid. 0., 12 miles of Pubite ayuare, on paved road to foolns end bath. city water, cleatrio lights: good barn for 2 acres lat! in fruit of all kinds; all bear1ng. hull acre uf grapes.

Cuyalega, Wont 034 BEAUTIFUL country bonie, 10 acrea land. all kinds fruit; 1. room house. garden, best bargain at $7.000. Stop 40, Elyria line.

Will conaldor 2-fum, house in trade, J. Welaw. Main 0100. country home, 1 arre land. all kinds of fruit, Groom house.

beat at wIt! consider 2- family in trade. Stop. 44, Elyria line, J. Hi. We Main G10A.

6-ROOM cottare, arre of land; $1,750: cary 1 Atop 13 Calms Mill car: there Sunday, 2 149 6. 8.0 Arradle. Main 8334. Mod, house, 8 Shore line, nr. lake: terms; 1 hr.

to male or trade bus. prop. Bor 224 V. Plain Dealer. or 711 Willa 4 ROOM cottage, Rocky liver; 43 ft.

river front; $1,200 or on terins. Edgewater 150, REAR PLACES BLDG Stop 13. Ontes Mill car; salesman there Butalay, 2 to 6. 850 Arrade, Malm 6884. the BEAUTIFUL bontan and farms In Mentor.


block for manufacturing, warehouse, oil, supplies, with elevator; In hourt of city: one -fourth balance to cult. Apply Owners, Columbus rd. FOR and investment prop. 13, H. LIPP.

1011 Midg. M. 3 1510 ADOLPI Union M. Nail. BERNSTEIN, Main estate, 1845, 1509.

MANUFACTURINO SITES. SUPERIOR COR. F. 39TH 28,500 very to close estate, McKENNA 1365 D. 65th.

TO I.DASP. HAVE A dandy corner on Huolid AY. near 105th et. which want to lease for 99 years; will also give purchase option, it Call Rowedale 1444 J. GENERAL.

LOT fur factory or flat at tax valuation wild Al. onre: paay torma. Garf. 0410 J. CONTRAOTORS AND BUILDERS," ALL built right; references.

WuLams 13435 Castlewood. Eddy 1 SPECIALIZE in 2-fam. and single frame bidga. Molike, 503 E. 124th et, 4085 W.

WANTED REAL ESTATE. WANTED- or 2-faandly that will chance for r- rick 4-suite apartment, 10- rated unt. Eu; ortor and of 11. 105ih. now 00 investment.

puttor. Gardeld 7120. Liberty Realty loom 10, 10823 NUWILL. tike a vacant lot and some cash for down payment on brand NOW 2 fam. house.

306 Columbia bldg. 2-FAMILIES In E. rond Income for which WA have -customers, The Conally Williamson Bldg. Main 6239. 1 Buy MEN PRICE I Buy 2-fam.

ct small houses. 317 Engineers Bldg. WANTED A Tot in Lunt End or Heights Ta exchange for second mortgage. Call Eddy 3149 W. WE WANT tO buy amali houses for caad Brown Realty 2612 Lorain.

Central 8618 and Harvard 1405 W. WILL take mingle house for equity in InV 4 lots. 306 Columbia bldg. LIST your property for quick sale. J.

Welse, 126 for Sar. Mela G160. CARH fOr I and 2-fam. houses; w. 3, pret Nyergea Bros.

1783 W. Cen. 4580 NEED 4 nave to J. KATHER. 485 Fast Ohio HAVE rilent for 2-family houser on West 8.

W. Side Really W. 4. Market BiG. Cash for 30414 small 6t.

Clair W. Eddy H. 1235. IF you have property 306 for in foreign 40 district call Columbia I WHAT bave you to sell? We have a bayes. Wolt Realty, 1105 Hipp.

Main 3122. HAVE cash, fam. Lorain, on W. 479. Joan Rath 4164 MEAL ESTATE.

FUNDS FOR construction loans, or other 1st and 2nd Mortgages on all classes of real estate. Large loans pro ferred. Small ones acceptable. L. 11.


Main lie 45. 219 Bide. Erie 88. Member Cleveland Real Iatate Board. LOANS and MADHON fart REAIDENCE.

busta property: Ca of tartial payments. FRED A. WINTMORE Roth planes, 1880 Williamson THE CLEVELAND REALIZATION CO. and 1118 Williamson We buy mortgages contracts. Expert advice free.

MORTGAGE loans, any amount. loweat terent rates; quick action. 8. ULMER MONd. Mortgace Banker 817-520 Williamson Oldest and largest to Cleveland, Bet, 1808.

THE ASSOCIATED INVESTMENT CO. 22T Hork-feller Bidg. walrk mersina in making that. and second mortgage and conatruetion loans, LOANS and Cleveland property: drat mortgages housht. PLATT PLATT, 414 Superior W.

NaVe aporial funda to loan on lat or End on elty or auburban. real estate, 618 Williamson JORDA 113 ADJ amount: reasonable rates: quick action. Seidman Seldman, 028 Williamson Bide. LOANS made on Improved Cleveland real tate: also for bullding purposes. The Cays.

hoga Rav, Loan 108 The Arcade it LOWEST rates DIt drat 150 second mortready card. Mr. Ackerinas, 103 Encineers a UNLIMITED funds tor and nity. Main 10. 215 W'mmon Bids.

C. FIRST, 24 mortgages, bldg. Joans. Clayton I. Warner, B14 WHitameon Hide.

Main 503. 4. LIBERAL LOANS on 1st 1530 and 21 mortgages. PETER SAMMAN, Willlammon Hide. INSURANCE CO.

FUNDA TO LOAN. A. D. FRASER, 810 Williamson BUILDING LOANS. Ret City Loan 7486 Detroit.

Edgawater 219A CHATTELS. ST. JOIN. Chas. P.

BROKER. A Main 5038 J. LOANS a11 kinda. 407 BLDG. SALARIES.

NOTES of salaried people and others bougot; easy payments; cunOdential. Roberta Room 711, New England Bids. SALARY at legal rates; Du endorses required. Buckeye Room 301, Luella a PIANOS, ORGANS, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. THE LOW RENT KING'S APERIAL SATURDAY BARGAINS.

Climore, mahogany, Emerson upright, Chirkering upright. 73 player 157 Wirth Pianos, 2007 Euclid. OPEN TIA EVENING. Voro Mons, NOR 85 USED Harrington, 125 li. V.


J. LAROCHE. EXCLUSIVE PIANO SALES PARLORS, 16206 DETROIT AVENUE. PLAYER pianos, also upright pianos, month free triad; no down payment required; it purchased later pay as you like; open until Saturdays till Wiseman's Big Bargain Piano Store, 1013 Woodland ar. E.

Utb. PAY THE BALANCE 88- player piano, used 3 montha, was $000, will sell for $265, cash Ar terms. Wirth Mance, 2007 Euclid. $350 MAHOGANY upright, perfect, with bench, $75. Home, 5108 Euclid $600 PLAYER piano, 8S-note, 50 rolls, boll cheap.

Home, 5108 Euclid. TALKING MACHINE, USED. $200 Viotrola modal, for Saturday only $45; colden opportunity, Wirth, 2007 Euolid. WILL sacrifice my upright piano for quick sale, also: baby carriage. Durant Superior through oar.

WILL cOil my nickering upright piano $85; bargain. Mrs. Craig, 18084 Euclid av. OTTONE $650 direct, $320 paynient. M.

Oft Fiano Mtg, 1817 Euclid. MAHOGANY upright plano, beauty: $50, Suite 1, 1998. E. 00th, corner Euolid. LEAVING city, will sell at Mohlin player piano, used 1 yr.

Broad 1163 J. I GENUINE $500 Voss mahoguny upright; A1 with benob; $00. Call 5108 Euclid. $73 BUYS the mahog. player, 187 rolls, 3357 W.

25th. nr. Sackett. MAHOGANY upright piano; very cheat roe framediate sale. 0802 Euclid av.

ELECTRIO pano; bargain; payments. 693 F. 102d. Erly 3020 J. EXTERMINATORS.

ZO-NO, your great premises exterminator of bed will rid roaches, rats and all insects; contract work our spocialty: sold by druggists. George A Boyle 1897 E. 9th st. THE INSECT EXTERMINATING 224 THE ARCADE; M. 2014; C.

6008 'AL VERMIN EXTERMINATED: NO AFTER ODORS; MOD. SCIENTIFIC. HEALTHY. OLD GOLD AND SILVER WE PAY HIGHEST PRICE for gold, silver, platinum, mercury and teeth, Miller Smelting Co, door Ellastone bids. 4th and Prospact av.

HIGHEST price paid platiaum. J. Humans Fiolid, 4 ECONOMY BLACKSTOND BLDG. 1420 W. ID $25-6 months total cost, $3.50.

southly paymenta of monthly payments of 12 monthly parments of $9.84 Other amounts up to proportunatatys a-" CLEVELAND'A OLDEST COMPANY "The Forest City" $15 to $1.000. At Legal Raten Pianos YAS. at 283.4 BoG. for Bar. LEGAL RATE LOANS DIAMONDS, FURNITURE, ETC.

Under supervision of state banking dept. of Ohio, No, 49. THE CITIZENS FINANCE CO. 210 Park Bldg. P'ub.

HQ, Opy: Monument..

The Plain Dealer from Cleveland, Ohio (2024)


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