Cyberpunk 2077: Doom [OC][AU](Cyberpunk 2077/Witcher crossover) (2024)

Date: 10th of June, 2075

Location: Night city, Santo Domingo

POV: Omniscient

"Names Victor, who the f*ck are you?" Victor spat, as he remained on his motorbike. Now unfazed by Maines presence. While Victor reminisced he understood that Bubbles died many moons ago, his memory never fading; its only duty now to temper his resolve. While his speech pattern changed it was all in effect to blend with the scenery. A merc with a mouth was always a typical attitude nowadays.

"Maine, so what are you doing here?" He asked, aiming his shotgun towards Victor. Maines action ridiculous in retrospect. The equivalent of destroying a vehicle with a water gun.

"Well bless my heart. You Night City fellas sure pull iron out over nothing. What's the big deal here, I'm just tryna get my eddies. f*ckin Fixer f*cked me sideways and left me blank a few clicks back," Victor lied, his hands up to demonstrate surrender. Pretending to be scared he scanned Maine, the man's body heavily chromed and fortified.

[SCAN RESULTS: Maine Orwell]

[AFFILIATION: NUSA Armed Forces - infantry (formerly), Von Doom Private army (formerly), solo ]




CYBERWARE: Altered Kyoshi Optics Mk V, Reinforced bone structure, Enhanced Demon arms, Dual projectile Launch system, Von Doom enhanced Exo-skeleton, Enhanced neurological link, Enhanced Synthetic reinforced skin, Neurological switch(locked), Dual heart, enhanced synthetic lungs, Misc

WEAPONRY: Vilorisi precision shotgun, incendiary grenade launcher

Seeing the information Victor was caught off guard by the man's former affiliation.

A former soldier… and one that worked under fathers company. While his profile shows he was a private, any soldier under my father was treated with respect. How despicable had my father survived he may have remained a general. Those f*ckers… How dare they! To strip even the honour of our soldier to this level. Any soldier like this could decimate the mobs here. Just what was a man like himself scrubbing scabs down here, Victor thought, examining him.

"Seems we're in the same boat then. Faraday am I right?" Maine asked lowering his weapon.

"Yeah, I heard sh*t went south with him. I don't know much after that. Asshole owes me a pinch," Victor responded.

"Tch, that guy owes us like 20k," Maine complained agitated.

"Hey, Hear me out, it seems we've both got something in common. The guy owes me about as much. I'm not much of a charitable guy but I think we can come to an agreement. You scratch my back and you scratch mine. I only wanna see his apartment," Victor reasoned.

"This guy sus?" Maine asked, turning to Sasha. Her eyes going through a deep scan of Victor's profile, the results unsatisfactory to her concerns.

[SCAN RESULTS: Dr Victor Soarta]





CYBERWARE: Custom Optics, enhanced bone structure, enhanced synthetic lungs, enhanced synthetic skin

WEAPONRY: Custom Hand cannon

"Hmm, he seems clean," Sasha voiced, her mind rummaging through the documents over Victor's case only to find nothing.

A bit too clean… She thought, humming.

"Your profile's pretty clean for a merc you know," Maine asked, suspicious of Victor's scans. While he was still wanted by police the man processed equipment that was equivalent to a MaxTac officer. The stench of corporate executioner or hardcore solo plastered over his apparel. So while Hardcore solo seemed correct the latter had no rep whatsoever leaving the latter to be somewhat correct.

Still frozen with his arms up Victor humoured their suspicions, "I'm a Doctor before a Merc. Guy wanted some instalments and he didn't pay up as intended."

"Ripper?" Sasha voiced, her eyes sternly gazing at him.

Never seen a ripper armed like that, sucker must think we're a bunch of chumps, Sasha thought, her eyes never once leaving his figure.

"Of course. I ain't the best but I promise my work is preem." Victor answered.

"So what's the go boss? We trusting this mofo or should we blow him to bits?" Rebecca voiced. Her petite colourful frame casually swinging about.

Maine conjuring the pros and cons, made his decision," f*ck it, we'll leave him."

"Try anything though and we'll end you quick." He continued, his weapon now holstered.

"I'm just tryna get my money back is all, no need to be so violent. Y'all fellas seem tense, ever try a Dorph?" Victor questioned, his pace walking to them controlled. Walking amongst them they then stared at the barricaded door.

"How should we get in?" Rebecca asked.

"Could just hack it open," Sasha answered.

"Nah, I'll get it," Maine continued before smashing his finger through the gap and prying it open. The action quick and violent.

"Damn, that's some serious chrome choom." Victor complimented the level of pressure that was excluded from the man equal to that of a moving truck. While lacklustre to his own it was impressive for a mortal.

Ignoring his praise they walked inside and was greeted by the stench of rotten meat. The smell leaving all but Maine and Victor aback. The stench being blocked by Victor and Maine used to it. With corpses littering the ruined apartment, bullet holes scattered about, a sign of struggle present.

"f*ck I hope they didn't flatline him," Kiwi complained.

"I doubt it, can't find his signature amongst em… Gonna need to do some investigating," Sasha revealed, her eyes going over the corpses. Victor deciding to join scanned the first corpse.


[AFFILIATION: Tyger Claws]


CYBERWARE: Tyger Claw Dermal Implant, Biomonitor, Mantis blades

"Looks like our friend of ours here came across the paws of the Tygers and seeing as none of the Scavs touched the cyberware we're first on the scene," Victor voiced, his body now kneeling to scan over their brain. While rotten would alow for more info.

"Hmm, you're right but what could he have done to go against him?" Sasha wandered.

"He's most likely a loose end. Corpos never like knots," Victor replied, the memories of slicing ones throat emerging. The action euphoric, as it was an Arasaka board member.

"You deal with them?" Sasha asked attempting to fix a damaged computer with Pillar.

"Clientele," Victor answered, the downloaded information now uploaded. While heavily fragmented and limited, a location was set. Westbrook, Japan Town a certain fixer by the name "Wakako" last seen in the memory. Checking Rogues Database her whereabouts now pinged.

"Damn sh*ts busted…" Pilar smacked frustrated. The data from the pc unobtainable.

"What now babe?" Dorio asked Maine.

"Don't know but seeing it's Tyger Claws I don't have much to go off. I don't like dealing with these f*ckers," Maine shrugged.

"f*ck chief we ain't gonna miss out on our eddies will we?" Rebecca shouted disappointed.

"Yeah, boss! Come on we gotta do something." Pillar continued.

"Tch, aye Tin face, you got any ideas?" Maine asked Victor. The latter focused on how to approach Wakako without being pressed or attacked by the Tygers.

"Hmm? Me?" Victor answered.

"Nah was talking about the desk beside you f*ck head, who else but you? You're the only one with a tin mask, you got any leads?" Maine rudely forwarded.

"Hmm, I got one but I don't think you'll like it," Victor answered.

"Hit me," Maine responded.

"Tyger claw territory, a fixer by the name of "Wakako" might know a thing or two. Did some searches on these guys and they might be tied. Whatever pile of sh*t our friend stepped in, it has Tyger Claw all over it," Victor revealed, exiting. The sight of more Tyger claws now surrounding the apartment building revealed.

"Looks like we've got company," Sasha voiced ducking under cover, her weapon of choice a smart sub-machine gun. While effective lacked rpm due to its smart capabilities.

"Hmm, only twenty of them though," Victor expressed, seeing their heat signatures through the walls.

"That's a heap you know! Get down if you don't wanna get shot!" Maine ordered as he lowered Dorio and the others to the floor. A hail of rounds sprayed into the apartment. Remaining standing Victor shrugged the bullets and walked out relaxed.

"Bahaha you guys wouldn't last a day in texas," Victor laughed walking out, his revolver by his hip as he readied his aim.

Crashing in, Tiger claws showed, their weapons aimed towards the lonesome figure. As if the world paused around him, Victor shot forward. His hands faster than time as he ended all twenty members in a flash. Their heads bolted through with a .77 calibre bullet. Each one hitting clean on their dome. The altercation ending in a second. With such speed, he moved like the wind, gone within the seconds you felt it.

"What the f*ck was that." Rebeca blurted, their responses similar to the scene before them. Victor not wanting to deal with the group of misfits any longer hopped on his motorbike and sped away. The roars of his engine drowned into the city.

"Knew that guy was sketchy…" Sasha voiced seeing the disappearing figure.

"I'm not sure you understand how lucky we are right now," Maine stated seeing the fallen corpses. Each one headless, their brain matter now decorating the streets.

"Whoever that was… He's one bad motherf*cker…" Kiwi continued, traces of the man disappearing from her system. Anything linked to him bricked.

"Falco! Let's bounce before the pigs' show, I don't we'll be able to cash in those eddies." Maine ordered.

"But those eddies!" Rebecca shouted disappointed.

"Eddies ain't worth it Bec, best we move on and find a better fixer," Maine affirmed.

"Damn it! Faraday was our only tie in though…" Rebecca sighed.

"It's fine, we'll pull through," Maine calmed their group now walking away. The sirens of police charging in.

Victor zooming past traffic pressed forward towards Chinatown. The traffic laws of Night city more so a suggestion than a law he followed. Reaching Japan Town he revolted at the sight of it. Its sole purpose a reminded of Arasaka's sick influence in the city. A depravity he'd love to remove. While the Japanese were tolerable their backing was not and if it meant that they would die alongside their overlords then it was a sacrifice Victor was willing to take.

"Need help friend?" A Japanese figure asked in a thick Japanese accent. His apparel minimalistic and dirty, a homeless beggar.

"(No I'm fine thank you)" Victor responded, his accent perfected to that of a local.

"(Oh, my bad I thought you were one of those disgusting Americans. You look like a Militech Operative Bahahahaha!)" He jested.

"(Say would you be as so kind as to tell me why there are so many Tyger claws around here? I'm quite new here. Came from Japan in search for a new destiny)" Victor asked politely, while he knew they wondered about due to their ties with Arasaka, the way in which they conducted themselves was a mess. While certainly more organised than the trash around the street, Texas followed a more strict code.

As Gang ties in Texas were much more controlled, members of all gangs acting similar to militarised personnel. A gang member didn't simply walk around the street relaxed or harassing citizens. They instead followed the code. A code that ensured harmony, if one was about that life. A member of that life that forced a civilian to be a casualty earned them the title "Marked" their death soon to come. Such rules ensured that peace around the city remained in such a way.

While hits still continued the number of casualties never went beyond a thousand a year. Something Night city struggled with for years. With gun laws in Texas were loose even before the collapse, when it occurred, it allowed the average citizen to carry and arm their selves to any degree. The 2nd amendment allowing any citizen of any age to carry. The sight of a six-year-old carrying an armed bazooka not at all strange or foreign to the streets of Austin. While strange at first such developments made Texas the centre point of ammunition and weaponry manufacturing. The technology developed in the state zooming past any other. For 1 out of 2 citizens being a techie, the state of Texas being one that couldn't be understood with common sense.

This Culture was developed due to NUSA's constant harassment of the state thus a bond was created over their shared hate of the government, with many techies jumping to Texas in hopes of creating weaponry rivalling them. The only thing now halting NUSA being the god himself Victor. After taking control of all the gang members he ruled the underworld of Texas as its king. The crowned emperor "The Allfather" Managing to halt NUSA attempts at crossing their borders. A deal being struck which enabled Victor to halt their efforts for at least two years minimum if there were no complications.

With such power and authority, he was named a terrorist and sanctioned by NUSA. The state now independent of America. Victor's influence now infamous amongst all other states and countries. The name Victor Von Doom "Allfather" a taboo in all of America. His bounty a whopping $4'000'000'000, an amount that topped Rache Bartmoss during his DataKrash. The sign demonstrating the threat that Victor displayed to Americas New found order.

"(Then you've come to the wrong place, my friend. Night city isn't the city of dreams you were looking for... It's a city of nightmares. An evil spirit lurks here my friends and every day it feeds on the hopes of everyone here. This is Tyger claw territory, I'd stay away from them if I were you. Nothing comes good with those scoundrels.)" The man warned, his eyes scanning the surrounding Tyger claws.

"(I appreciate your warning friend. Here take this, please take it. It's the least I can do to bless you)" Victor thanked before handing the man a small stack of eddies. The cash slipping into his backpack with a tracker following suit. As the man processed no cyberware or optics any quick hack or program meant nothing to him. The man was obviously working with the Tyger Claws, an informant that worked to trick others into either pitying them or tricking them for information. Such a site was common in Texas. With foreigners attempting to come inside they were thoroughly checked by gangs and citizens. Frequent suicide bombers a site that left all those affect fuming.

Walking past the bum he made his way towards Wakako's location, the action causing other Tyger Claws to follow him. Reaching the shop it seemed or equivalent to an office, large Japanese bouncers surrounding it.

"What do you want stranger?" The bouncers asked Victor.

"I've come to see Wakako-san)" Victor answered.

With his eyes glowing he scratched his chin before letting him in, the door opening. Walking past the figure he was welcomed by an older Japanese woman who sat across from an office desk. Her body free of chrome a rare commodity present within Night city as while it signalled wealth for the poor it represented restraint for those with old money.

"Now kind stranger what do you seek?" She asked in English.

"(My name is Victor Wakako-san, I am merely seeking information on an individual by the name of Faraday)" Victor revealed the idea of pretending to be Japanese something he knew would eventually come to bite him in the ass.

"Ah, a gentleman it is rare for a foreigner to speak our tongue… Especially with such clarity. Had you not revealed your name I would have never guessed. Please sit down, we must discuss… Price," She explained. Complying with her request he sat down, his presence now subtly dominating the room.

"Now while I would offer the usual price of §7000 I'll charge you §3500 since you've impressed me," Wakako informed, a slight frown forming on Victors' face. Tapping his finger methodically he remained silent, the purpose to raise tension.

"Hmm… A fair offer," Victor mused before handing her a chip. §14000 tied to it, a power move that left her silent. Only a corpo moved money in such ways and those who weren't were dangerous. While such a move seemed overkill it was required to halt any Tyger Claws from following him. The extra amount was to show sincerity with the chip an indication of power and influence. The double message to Wakako that he was a force that should not be reckoned with.

"How generous of you... He's here on these coordinates. While i am not quite sure if he remains alive he was last seen here chased by the Tyger Claws. They have since stopped chasing him due to his departure into NW territory." She accepted.

"Why thank you Wakako-san. Have a lovely day," Victor acknowledged before leaving, his figure driving away. Passing the neon and Japanese architecture he eventually made it towards NW territory, The area near Watson. Its location in the middle of Maelstrom and Tyger Claws. Seeing the change in architecture, he drove and saw the area slowly merge into becoming an old industrial sight, the sightings of homeless being more apparent as he drove away.

Driving he was then met with gang members wearing Dark blue power armour. The armour elevating their height to 240cm. Seeing the design of their armour it was eerily similar to that of older Von Doom power armour. Engravings etched into it. Names of loved ones and fallen members were scratched on.

[SCAN RESULTS: Sir Francis Filomorez]

[AFFILIATION: Von Doom industries(Formerly), New World Order]



CYBERWARE: Synthetic Skin, Double heart, Dual synthetic lungs, Reinforced Bone structure, Neurological link, Von Doom Exo-skeleton, Von Doom Power armour MK II, Von Doom enhanced optics MK IV, Von Doom neuro processor *Demon series, Von Doom Sandavistan mk I *Demon series, Biomonitor, Reinforced legs joints and ankle, Reinforced fists and shoulder


WEAPONRY: Dual M619 Miniguns, chainsaw blade

"Welcome to New World Order, what brings you here?" A knight asked, their helmet modified to fashion it.

"I seek an individual of the name Faraday," Victor answered, shocked at what he was staring at. While every gang seemed to have its theme he couldn't wrap around the knightly concept. Especially with his use of power armour, the model outdated by ten years, and the installed cybernetics only reserved for Von Doom personnel. The speed demon series was meant for Commando units, the units were experimental as they caused users to be mentally retarded after prolonged use.

"Before you answer why the blue power armour?" Victor asked.

"You must be new then. Well, we seek to change Night city, my friend. After the fall of Von Doom tower, many souls were lost. It was in this chaos that we decided that we'd return back time. To return back to our roots. With the subsequent death of June Von Doom lord bless her soul, her foundation was tarnished and disbanded. We are what remains of that foundation. As a child of such gifts, we aim to return that order back to night city. Blue is the colour of the sky. A sky we wish to see once more," He revealed, his head gazing towards the sky. Its cloudy presence and acid rain furthering his point.

"What do you think of The All-father?" Victor asked, curious as to how the man would respond.

"The Allfather? He's a visionary i will accept, yet I question his methods. I understand that sacrifices must be made… But to what degree? He's amoral to my own code and I respect such conviction. To carry the burden of millions is something that I respect no matter the decision he undertakes. If anyone can bring change to this city then it would be him, even if his methods are unsavoury. But he remains in Texas unable to help our cause, to rid this city of its degeneracy. It's a shame that Texas was blessed with such fortune. While I have heard rumours of his sins, his prosperity remains apparent. I owe them my life. Such a shame that June Von Doom was taken so early… She was the only Corpo I respected. Her son could've done much good for this world had he remained. Could've joined hands with the Allfather," He revealed.

"If you must inquire of Faraday then he is currently held within the church, please avoid violence. We ensure protection for all those who seek it within our walls. Please respect such rules or else lethal force will be used. If you have any more questions be sure to visit our chapter near the edge of the city we often hold q&a for the public," He continued before walking back to his post. His comrades lined up by his side. Scanning them they retained the same cybernetics.

[SCAN RESULTS: Sir Malrono Mastilio]

[AFFILIATION: Von Doom industries(Formerly), New World Order]




CYBERWARE: Synthetic Skin, Double heart, Dual lungs, Reinforced Bone structure, Neurological link, Von Doom Exo-skeleton, Von Doom Power armour MK II, Von Doom enhanced optics MK IV, Von Doom neuro processor *Demon series, Von Doom Sandavistan Mk I *Demon series

WEAPONRY: Dual M619 Miniguns, chainsaw blade

Driving towards the church he walked out and was greeted by an orator. The man fashioning a priest attire wielded dual pistols designed to look similar to crosses hanging from his waist. An interesting combo to hold within the sanctum of safety.

"Greetings, what brings you here?" He asked, the man's voice gravelly, the tint of nicotine and tar erupting from his breath.

"Lookin' for Faraday," Victor asked, scanning the room. The figures all differing in size and affiliation. The church more a congregation or council of misfits than a proper church. Scanning the priest first he was met with a list of

[SCAN RESULTS: "Chalino" Rosalino Sánchez Félix ]

[AFFILIATION: Valentino's (Formerly)]




CYBERWARE: Gorilla arms, Anti-electrical synthetic skin, Enhanced stomach, Synthetic Enhanced Kidneys, Von Doom sandavistan Mk I , Bio-monitor, misc

WEAPONRY: Modified Dual Nues, machete

[SCAN RESULTS: "Marshal" Daryl Vancouver]

[AFFILIATION: 6th street gang (Formerly), New World Order ]




CYBERWARE: Smart weapon link, modified kyroshi optics x3, enhanced kidney, enhanced liver, enhanced bone structure, synthetic lungs, misc

WEAPONRY: Modified Militech Precision Rifle, Kunia

[SCAN RESULTS: "Valez" Tino Valmourez]

[AFFILIATION: Valentino's]




CYBERWARE: Smart weapon link, modified kyroshi optics x3, enhanced kidney, enhanced liver, enhanced bone structure, synthetic lungs, misc

WEAPONRY: modified Militech Precision Rifle, Kunia

[SCAN RESULTS: "Butcher" Red Rage]

[AFFILIATION: Maestrolem (Formerly), solo]




CYBERWARE: Enhanced skeletal structure, Enhanced synthetic skin, enhanced neuro processors, enhanced synthetic lungs, Motorised Metalic heart, Re-structured ocular modulator, Restricted face plate, misc

WEAPONRY: Dual modified Militech Crushers (Shotgun), Modified Machete


[AFFILIATION: Miltech (formerly), solo]




CYBERWARE: Raven Gemeni (Full body conversion), panther paws (SIlenced), Arasaka neruo-processors, Zetatech Sandavistan, misc

WEAPONRY: Katana, Dual Militech Sub-machine guns *supressed

[SCAN RESULTS: Lucy Damerol]





CYBERWARE: Modified optics, misc.


[SCAN RESULTS: Faraday Merrylend]

[AFFILIATION: Afterlife fixer (Formerly), solo]




CYBERWARE: Modified 4x optics, Enhanced neuro processors, Enhanced artificial Ribs, Synthetic lungs, misc.

WEAPONRY: Overture

"If you're here for violence I must warn you… We don't tolerate that sh*t here in our sanctum." Chalino voiced, the rest backing him.

"Your friend over there pissed off the wrong people. I'm merely completing the commission." Victor explained.

"Look bud, i don't give a sh*t. Doesn't matter if its you, or rogue. We're not gonna let you come in here and try sh*t," Chalino voiced.

"So what's the price for his head?" Victor questioned.

"Tch, pay me a hundred thousand eddies and I might," Chalino smiled, laughing.

"Deal." Victor accepted a chip flicking over to Chalino.

"You think I'm some kind of joke?" Chalino spat, seeing the chip. His eyes wavering at the sight of it. Seeing its contents he paused.

"Just who the f*ck are you?! Are you with Arasaka? Militech?" Chalino questioned, his hands flicking for a second, his pistols now appearing in his hands. The others seeing it, likewise did the same. Their weaponry aimed at Victor.

Such vile mongrels.. Does every monkey throw rocks at a mountain expecting it to move? Victor thought disappointed in the culture. In texas when one aimed their weapon it mattered not the context it meant war. A world where individuals openly carried earned such reactions.

"I'd recommend you lower your iron and you call your chapter leader," Victor replied.

"He's busy right now. Come back when you learn manners corpo f*cker," Chalino spat throwing the chip back.

"That's enough Chalino," A figure alerted, his size towering over Victor. The power armour an exact model which was used by Bubbles. The same custom alteration done to the armour as well. Still running the old Von Doom Aesthetics multiple marks were etched in it, the names of fallen soldiers plastered against. Bubbles' own tag being honoured on it.

"I'd advise you back away child," The man threatened, his armour representing a high-ranking and honorary member of the Carcharodons troop. A special task force branched from The Von Dooms' private army which aimed to destroy Arasaka and Miltech Bases. Their sole purpose of decimating entire city blocks alone. This sight of his appearance in Night City peculiar.

[SCAN RESULTS: Liric Lordaze Lando]

[AFFILIATION: Von Doom private army - C1 troop (Formerly), New World Order]





CYBERWARE: Hyperion set (Von Doom Borg conversion), Von Doom Sandavistan Mk VII

WEAPONRY: Modified artillery Von Doom Hand cannon (Anti-tank Pistol), Vulcan Von Doom Modified Minigun (Energy Minigun), Enhanced modified Electrical claws (Arch edging)

Sending a message to the man, he was left frozen.

Victor Von Doom: It's good to see you alive soldier.

"Everyone, leave," The Liric voiced, his words forcing others to delta, even the likes of Faraday who seemed relieved. With The church now empty the remaining stood watching each other. The atmosphere tense.

"I never thought you made it out," Liric voiced removing his helmet. A deep scar ran from his lip to his forehead. His reminder of his fallen brothers and tortured valour.

"I never thought you'd either," Victor replied removing his helmet, he stared at liric in a similar fashion. Both men were unable to believe the sight.

He looks like his father… But a bit more wild, Liric thought gazing at him. Similar to his father he was handsome, his presence commanding authority and control. Yet unlike his father Victor had a presence that scaled larger, one that didn't demand control through violence but charisma. His charisma was that of a lions call, whether by nature or power it remained king. Scanning his features once more he noticed a scar under his right eye, the boys' eyes ravaged with a mystical hue.

"What are you doing here of all places Liric? What happened to Von Doom industries?" Victor questioned confused.

"Many things happened sir… Many things… Not long after your disappearance, we were hunted, their attempts futile at first… Yet soon, they corrupted our systems, the board managing to kill my brothers from the inside. We never saw it coming." He explained before projecting a holographic video.

A replay of the events shifting from scene to scene, their victories on the floor expected. The video showing a Carcharodon destroying a Militech Basilisic with ease. The next showing their rifles hammering their eurodynes and attack choppers which rained down with .30 Vulcan minigun fire. Its rpm only destroying the area surrounding them. Seeing one move unnaturally fast for their size, Victor was impressed and also concerned on how they managed to lose. The tone shifting from one of glory to mourning.

"My team and I were stationed outside near Cuba when it hit. We survived the first wave of Militech Miliiatants but nothing could've prepared us for the second. That electronic wave leading to my brothers fall…" Liric replied saddened at the final video. Liric aiming at his comrade head before shooting, their eyes blank. Seeing him fall to the ground he smashed at the floor defeated, unable to stand up. His lonesome figure kneeling there for 30 days.

"I couldn't believe it… in the span of four hours I lost them…" Liric muttered, his hands clutching tightly.

"But why here? You could've gone anywhere. Your skills are enough to earn you anything. Why waste time here running a circus parlour," Victor asked.

"It's been fifteen years Victor… I could be a mercenary, a legendary solo, but at the end of the day… I've grown past that, my purpose now is to spread peace and safety." Liric voiced.

"Times made you soft," Victor replied.

"Perhaps… But it's given me time to think. To ponder life…" He revealed.

"I find it… Odd, you of all people would turn to this…"

"I find it odd too. I've been fighting for years Victor and I never stopped to think for myself. Fifty years full of war and death and not a single day goes by where I don't miss it. Yet I can't seem to lift the bolter up anymore. It feels… different."


"It lacks purpose… Before, I wielded the bolter for a cause. A mission. A purpose. Now it seems like nothing. A soldier without a mission. A lost crusader, I could attack Arasaka and Militech… But then who would remain alive to remember my brothers? I fear not death Victor, I fear that those who once stood amongst me would disappear into the void. Even I dream of eternity Victor."

"Why not join me?"

"I don't believe i can return to your side, Victor. Not now… I've got people to protect, some souls more lost than mine," Liric expressed before a female walked in. The action causing Victor to blur his face, his mask now returning on.

"Hey, Greenie!" The female greeted jumping in. Her hair was crystal white, and her face screamed japanese. Light peach highlights under her eyes, the aesthetic eerily similar to that of Arasaka honey pots or netrunners.

Hmph, rubbing the thighs of an Arasaka Honey Pot Liric, Victor thought disgusted.

"Seem's like Arasaka took more than just your brothers, It took your dignity along with it. A shame Liric, a real shame," Victor mocked, his hands flicking by the side as he fidgeted with a coin. A scan on her profile now pulled up to his view.

[SCAN RESULTS: Lucy Lando]

[AFFILIATION: New World Order]




CYBERWARE: Monowire, Arsaka Neuroprocessor mk VII, reinforced ligaments, modified kyroshi optics

WEAPONRY: Shortsword, Modified Custom Militech Sub-machine gun

Hmm not bad for a front… let's see what's behind her digital footprint. All is revealed to my eyes… Victor thought peering into her database his actions slipping past her defences and giving him full access to her neuro processors.

[SCAN RESULTS: Ar-Exc-12 ]

[AFFILIATION: Arasaka Netrunner (Project Lotus)]



CYBERWARE: Monowire, Arsaka Neuroprocessor mk VII, reinforced ligaments, modified kyroshi optics

WEAPONRY: Shortsword, Modified Custom Militech Sub-machine gun

Ah, so an Arasaka Experiment… Seeing as her Neuroprocesseors are experimental with the backdoor allowing for increased deep dive time she most likely was a pet project for the net. Liric must have raided the fort and stolen her for some purpose. Either as comfort or revenge… A true pity to once see a fallen soldier turned gardener, Victor thought seeing the scans.

"You misunderstand," Liric deflected, the words of Victor offending lucy. Gnashing her jaw she immediately stepped up to the man, her small figure nowhere near the level of the two giants. The scene was comical from afar, as it looked as if a small child wished to alarm their parents that they had shat the bed.

"I'm no Saka slave!" She argued, her eyes now locked on Victor's head, his eyes peering to her level, his contempt ever-present.

"Could've fooled me," Victor jabbed nearing the exit.

Hmm… Be thankful New world order, there are still uses for your existence… My men would've fancied the area… Victor thought, overviewing the area as it neared the Arasaka port allowing easy access to the sea and industrial factorial spaces. Considering his ties to mexico the port would allow for another vantage point.

"So our associate… what of him now?" Victor asked, twirling the coin again. His gaze never turned back to face the Arasaka experiment and Von Doom Soldier. Liric paused for a moment gazing at Lucy before answering. His mind jarring for an answer.

"He's yours…," Liric replied accepting the man's fate to Victor. While he understood that he had values it meant nothing if he could not instil much less live to enforce them. For once again he'd honour his vow to the Voon Doom family.

"Good choice," Victor replied before flinging the coin towards him. The golden coin having intricate designs etched on all other it, the weight of the coin odd considering it's size.

"Take it as a favour, you might need it one day," Victor replied before walking out, the air bustling by his jacket as he rode towards the afterlife. The thrusters of his bike blitzing him with unparalleled speed the fate of Faraday already sealed. His mind exploding from the inside out, the others looking at his corpse startled.

Lucy staring at the titan questioned him, her mind still concerned at the lonesome figure's arsenal and approach. No one dared to talk to Liric in such a manner much less a Tradukka (stranger), "I thought you don't negotiate with Tradukka's what makes him any different?"

"The difference is that the man whom we were talking to is no Tradukka and even if he were one there'd be no stopping him regardless," Liric explained flicking the coin to Lucy, her hands barely catching it.

"But I've seen you raise city blocks to its knees…" Lucy muttered.

"And I've seen him do worse. Make no mistake Lucy, not all is what it seems," He smiled before walking to his quarters. Lucy now left to ponder on the mysterious figure.

Just who was that…

"Impressive work, Victor. I didn't think the blueberries would let you through, much less let flatline the gonk. I'm impressed," Rogue praised, her hands crossed with a jittery smile.

Back in the afterlife, Victor was once again teased by Rogue. His eyes rolling under the mask/helmet hybrid.

"I've completed your little clean-up duty. Those connections would be music to my ears now," Victor expressed, his own plans now in formation.

"Be patient will yah, here I'll transfer the files over," Rogue sneered, the "referral" complete. Seeing the list of names he was gifted a small quarter of connections inside her own network.

Stingy… He thought before standing up.

"Leaving so soon?" She asked her nephew. His attire while "casual" still stuck out from the surrounding mercs, the bar a hotspot for many. While before it was somewhat full it now had become bustling with life. The mixture of life leaving an impression of safety, a fake world within another, the neon aqua lights a euphoric experience mixed with alcohol. Though behind it was the stern gazes of ferocious soldiers ready to grasp a gig.

In the cesspool of carnage, afterlife mercs of all shapes and sizes loitered about. Tales of NUSA's constant worries over the Free-states and tensions between the gangs' borders tattering around. A new wave of soldiers entering the streets, 6th street undergoing large changes of leadership, Tyger claws making moves over towards Heywood and the animals' random rampant rages over the city block.

"Damn this sucks!" A distinct voice rumbled disappointed. Victor looking over saw the band of misfits, a brow raised at their sight. Turning to face Rogue she felt a death glare under the mask that left her snickering silently.

Freezing at the sight of Victor they looked over to see him by Rogue's table, an epiphany of sorts forming in their minds. A revelation that made them take a mental step back.

So Rogue was the one who wanted Faraday gone… sh*t, i wonder what would've happened if we actually shot the f*cker. Could've had the rest of the mercs on our asses… Maine thought.

"Considering you wanted to be a fixer how about you pick up where Farraday left?" She asked.

"I forget how sly you can be," Victor replied mused.

"You don't live this long without it. I've been on this earth a long time remember, gotta fill the hole I dug," She smiled sipping her cup.

"It seems you've already met. Well, regardless some re-introductions are needed. Maine, this here is your new fixer, Doctor Doom." She introduced.

"I thought it would've been someone… else…" Maine admitted worried.

"A surprise I likewise share, but not an opportunity I'll waste. Seeing as your team is already formed this will save time. Here's a data chip, if you wish to "require" those lost eddies then complete this simple task. I will reward you... quite handsomely," Victor explained before walking away. His figure absorbed with the rest and like the wind gone in seconds.

"I didn't think you'd pair us… with him," Maine asked Rouge.

"Be thankful I felt like it, most people would die to be in your shoes," She replied before waving them away, Squama was now in front of their faces his imposing stature in their way.

"Damn it… We need info about this guy. He's giving me the eeks," Sasha announced.

"Yeah! He's giving me weird corpo vibes boss." Rebecca announced.

"I didn't think we'd cross paths again… Especially here." Kiwi muttered.

"At least we didn't have to slash 8k down the drain for a new fixer," Dorio sighed.

"But we might need to, to get info on the guy. I don't know boss that level of tech ain't normal on the street. All I'm seeing is ex-military and not the fonder kind if you get me." Pillar explained rubbing his fingers.

"Can I get you lot anything to drink?" Claire questioned, the afterlife bartender sliding near them.

"Know him?" Maine asked.

"Who?" She asked confused.

"That guy that just walked out of Rogues corner," Sasha intervened.

"Oh, him? Not a clue. Came in just today and he's already buzzing about. He's quite the solo if I must say. He's more tinned up than some executioners. Silver face mask and ebony armour with purple neon highlights. Word around the tables is he's a solo from Texas but that's all we got," She explained.

"I did hear him talk about that…" Dorio muttered.

"What'd he say?"

"That we wouldn't last a day in Texas," Sasha stated.

"Looks like you might be dealing with a ranger, though I ain't ever seen one that tined up, might be retired special forces," Claire revealed.

"Whoever he may be we'll need to delta. Jobs like these need closed ears," Maine explained before walking out the bar. His league following suite. Arriving at their usual spot they all sat around each other. A few lawn chairs surrounding a racketed table, the outskirts of an underbridge. Camped out by an abandoned manufacturing facility they looked at the data chip with deep concern.

"Are you sure you wanna go through this?" Dorio asked.

"Yeah, boss… sh*ts f*cked," Rebecca huffed.

"If Rogue trusts him, I guess we can too… If she allowed us in this far then it's best we dive in," Maine muttered before slotting the chip. A network of data flooding his mind. Closing his eyes for what felt like an eternity he returned educated, a screen of data now appearing on the top left of his screen.

Mission: Retrieval

Description: Your aim is to retrieve a package. The container will appear on the edge of Night city as marked. Retrieve it and ensure that the package is safely returned in perfect condition. Failure to retrieve the item will result in penalties. The package will be heavily guarded by unknown assailants, they will be armed. The map of the facility has been sent in correlation to this data chip. Ensure that you are well-equipped for the job. Planning makes perfect.


Retrieve item [-] - §15'000

Retrieve the item stealthily [-] - §10'000

Retrieve the item with complete annihilation [-] - §6'000

Retrieve the item in perfect condition [-] - §30'000

"Holy sh*t…" Maine muttered, the five figures an astonishing amount even for edge runners like himself.

"What's wrong, babe?" Dorio asked.

"Looks like we're in for some serious work. Kiwi scan this," Maine ordered, the chip quickly handed over to her. Scanning it from her eyes she found that it was clean. The obvious virus and daemons installed by Victor hiding within it. Deciding to risk it she followed suit and found the data astonishing.

"Now that's something," She muttered.

"What kinda eddies are we dealing with here?" Pilar asked picking his nose.

"The type to get you on the moon and back. Whoever are friend is, he's the real deal."

"Layman terms, baby," Pilar huffed.

"Depending on how the job goes… you'll be looking at 1000 burritos."

"HOLY BALLS!" Pilar was exasperated, his hands flared into the sky as he excitedly thought about it.

"So what we're looking at? §4'000? §6'000?" Sasha asked.

"§15'000 base and §30'000 if we grab the package in perfect condition and depending on how we grab it §10'000 or §6'000 more,"

"That's insane… what's the catch?" Sasha asked concerned. While the average payout was §2'000 from a normal fixer ones that involved violence harboured §4'000. The best fixers usually offering double the normal rates, such jobs usually left to bigshot solos, bigshot crews and gang members. Offering §15'000 base was an unprecedented amount that offered caution.

"I say we take it," Dorio confirmed, her eyes turning to kiwi.

"Fine, needed a new update anyway," She sighed.

"Bec, Pillar, Falco, Sasha?" Maine questioned. Seeing them silently nod their head they all turned to face Sasha her eyes staring back at Maine.

"Sasha?" He asked.

"You already know how I feel about this," She answered.

"We may never get this opportunity again you know," He offered.

"And it may be our last…" She stated.

"Look you don't need to join if you don't feel safe, but your help would be appreciated. Teams gotta stick together," Maine soothed.

"Fine but if sh*t hits the fan don't act surprised I didn't tell yah," She accepted.

"When has sh*t ever gone safe sailing? Let's get going we'll need to go see Frankie gotta chrome the f*ck up," Maine smiled.

"You know I sometimes wonder how you can handle so much…" Dorio muttered.

"You can thank the Von Dooms for that," He smiled.


Date: 10th of June, 2075

Location: Mexico City, ?

POV: Omniscient

"Puta you won't get sh*t from me," A Mexican drug lord spat as he held his grip on the chair. Blood dripped from his face. Tied to a metallic chair he was forced into submission, the dingy room he was present highly secured and soundproof. The lights of it dimmed only to reveal three figures inside. One by the door and two around a small table. The room was reminiscent of a police interrogation room.

"I don't take no for an answer," The torturer replied, her face ever stoic at his demise. Ripping the nails from his fingers she enjoyed every second of his suffering.

"Alicia quickly finish your act, the chicas are waiting for me~," A man hurried, his white and golden aesthetic eye-catching to all. Wearing high-tech armour he covered his face with a hood - His golden cybernetics eyes glowing in the dark.

"Your whorish ways will come to fruition soon, but first… I must enjoy my prey," She replied, digging her dagger through the man's hand. The strands of muscle and bone wobbling around the blade.

"Regardless I'm getting bored. Let me know when you finish, I've got other things to do," He explained walking out.

"You moved product into our territory without permission… You know what we do to puto's like you eh?" She threatened.

"Talk all you want, sooner or later I'll have your mouth dangling around my c-."

"Your co*ck?" She asked, the virus she implanted into his software forcing the mans Mr Studd to malfunction. The burning sensation amplified by ten folds into his neuro system, the ability to numb it, switched off.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! YOU… WON'T… GET… sh*t! FROM… ME!" He screamed, his voice clouded in agony. Yet with his determination, he pestered on. The sight an annoyance to Alicia.

"To tell you the truth we've already had your intel from the start," She smiled, a devilish grin now appearing.

"I merely wanted to watch you scream." She continued, his screams now even louder. Turning to face her interfaces the location of his family and whole operations was revealed. The screen behind her. His daughter and wife held within the same facility.

"And don't worry your family will do just fine without you," She replied leaving. Exiting the door she was immediately interrupted by one of her associates.

"Ah, Lieutenant, Sergeant Altair has left the premises apparently "the bitches" are waiting for him," The associate informed, the individual in question wearing a power armour that was ahead of Militechs.

"No need to inform me, Briggs. I already know, he was just here. How the All-father tolerates him I wonder…" Alicia muttered. Standing at 185cm tall she towered over the average male her athleticism was a sight to see, her body defined in all the right places. With curves like hers, any male or female would come running. Though unfortunate to most she covered her body completely, the only indicator that she was female due to her frame and protruded chest.

"Perhaps it is due to his diligence," Briggs replied.

"Regardless how goes our situation with the Jodes? Any movements?" She asked.

"Negative, the Nomad family has gone blank with the package… I fear it may have landed in enemy hands, worse Arasaka." He explained, data transferred to her vision revealing the last sign of their tracker. Its data pulse was disrupted and eliminated from her satellite.

"The All-father will find this most displeasing… Group up, we'll have to track it down. Dispatch the 09, I'll be your eyes and ears." She ordered.


Grouping with one another Alicia took flight within her VTOL. The large metallic bird taking flight and hovering above the skies. It majestic wings flared out. Flying over to the objective she awaited

"This is Seargent Kane now hovering over, I need a copy," Alicia commanded. Her eyes surveying the area below. Noticing no signs of life wreckage littered about, the dunes of Mexico showcasing a wrecked nomad family under the Jodes. Feeling the humid air brush by her she thanked that her armour had air-conditioning else she'd be sweating profusely like the privates below her.

"Corporal Briggs on stand by, we're near the point. Awaiting further commands."

"Any sign of life Briggs?" Alicia asked.

"Negative, only corpses and the heat. Seems like our buddies in grey got tagged by some serious firepower," Briggs answered.

"What by?" She asked.

".666 shells, most likely Ara-." Just as he was about to finish a large shell crashed into her VTOL. The puncture forcing Alicia out and into the ground below. Opening her glider suit she struggled down the air meddling her about. Turning below she was shocked to see Militech Troops surrounding her forces. Seeing what seemed to be an array of Tanks and Anti Aircraft cannons the large troop was compiled of special Militech troops all wearing camouflage gear.

"f*cking bastards…" She spat, a bow now appearing in her hands to aim below. Pulling the string back she unleashed carnage - the arrows piercing soldiers and tanks. The arrows going straight through.

"So the hunt begins," She festered, her eyes now glued onto an enemy gunner. Weaving the barrage of bullets she crash-landed onto the floor and immediately wreaked mayhem. Her sandevistan almost pausing time to hold.

Sprinting amongst the enemy troop she sliced the throats of many. Her arms ripping into their spine and using it as a whip, while ineffective proved amusing to her satisfaction.

"Corporal Briggs, you breathing?" Alicia asked.

"Just." He huffed the sound of gunfire by his side.

"How many?" She asked.

"Forty." He answered quickly, his puffs turning into grunts as he was pushed back. The anti-aircraft weaponry now used to pin him down.

"That seems a tad to few Corporal," Alicia complained, her knife swiftly reaping the souls of many. Each consecutive kill making her faster and faster.

"Thought you were talking about kill count, mam."

"Stay frosty we're dealing with a 1-10 right now."

"I'll try sarge," Briggs replied grasping the skull of an enemy and activating his palm cannons. The blast melted through the enemy's helmet and skull, the man screaming for help. Launching shoulder missiles they flew about exploding on small attack bots which flew about. Using his leg thrusters he blitzed about trashing the enemy formation.

The ground soldiers under his command using their corporals as Vanguard slowly pushed the enemy force. A sudden quake erupting south north of their position.

"What the f*ck is that?" One of the soldiers voiced before being squashed to death, his bones and armour reduced to mush. A large metallic death machine standing over his once able body. It's thin ebony frame glaring directly at Alica. Standing at 220cm its wide body and thin sharp arms posing a deadly force. Multiplying into three, its speed slowly walked over to her position - the noise protruding from its frame equal to that of a demonic screech.

Now, what in the seven rings of hell is that… Alicia thought grasping her bow. Flinging an arrow toward it, it did nothing. The impact leaving only a mere pause to the now triplets.

"Impossible," She muttered, flabbergasted.

"Fall back team and prepare for evac - whatever this is, we're well unprepared for it." She called.

"This is Davo from Squad Raven do you need assistance?" A figure called from a plane above.

"Affirmative this is Blood Hawk from Squad Jaguar, we've been ambushed awaiting evac." She answered.

"No worries, sending in shadows. Secure the evac zone," He replied a holographic circle now appearing east of their position. Raven Squad operative now jumping below to help. Using their stealth gear they whistled below their position only indicative of the sound of their movement.

Reaching the ground point they quickly covered the perimeter, their helmets similar to dark troopers, fully covering their face. With sleek jet-black metallic armour, they shot barrages of lead towards the robotic devastators. Quickly hopping aboard they watched as Corporal Briggs smiled.

"What are you doing Briggs?" Alicia asked, the halting figure.

"Following orders Seargent - It's been an honour."

Corporal Briggs turning to face the trio rushed forward.

"We ain't leaving without Briggs!" Alicia shouted, her attempts to rush out halted by O'brian a figure out of place. Wearing thick-lensed glasses and a stereotypical scientist coat he screamed scientist.

"He'll be back," O'brian revealed, before departing the flight back silent.

"We could've taken him with us…" She muttered.

"No we couldn't, he did his part and now it's yours. He knew what he was doing when he signed up for this." O'brian explained before handing her a slip.

"What you just dealt with is Militechs newest invention and one of my biggest slip-ups," O'brian revealed.

"What is it?" She asked befuddled.

"Why don't you check for yourself."

Project: Nuecreous Valendete *Failure

Description: Duplication blueprint for biotic resources

"So what that got to do with the f*ckers below?" She asked confused.

"Militech got a hand of it and altered it to their liking. Instead of the duplication of biotic material, it was instead altered to abiotic - more precisely alloys. The downside of the previous project was that the duplicated material would deteriorate immediately after replication - the project was scrapped due to this as further resources were needed for other projects. Militech in their desperate attempts to hack our systems failed, yet successfully infiltrated mine. With it, they combined the technology with their own and constructed that. The M-1000 is nicknamed "The Manhandler" for its destructive capabilities, its own artificial intelligence the combination and restructure of multiple rogue artificial intelligences." He explained, the blueprint of the M-1000 and its schematics showcased above the palm of his hand.

"So why does my own weaponry not destroy it immediately? If we know so much about this metallic freak why don't we just create our own? Are there no measures for this thing?"

"We don't of yet. That responsibility has been left to me the All-father deciding that my own mistake be remedied."

"So your f*ck up cost me my squad and you've got no way to fix it?"

"We have solutions but none to fully test them. Your weaponry is anti-matter, the bolt of your arrow seemingly blessed by the All-father to pierce through all forms of matter. Yet it means nothing if that matter regenerates as fast as it opens. The M-1000's regeneration completely nullified your attack because its nanite technology healed it just as quickly as you pierced it."

"I might as well fly to mars to get away from this thing. You're giving me bad news I need measures doctor."

"The last thing I needed was screen testing for a device it was meant to be transported to Vulcan back in Texas. With it, it could halt the regeneration of the T-1000 and alter the genetic structure of a target in seconds or if charged with enough power could disintegrate matter in a chain. The Jodes was meant to carry this prototype under the guise of an arms deal. Somehow Militech managed to interfere our transport and ambush us, luckily they haven't had it in their hands… The downside is the prototype is heading straight towards Night city an unknown target managing to hijack it - All I can tell is he's from Brazil."

"What happens if it reaches Night City?"

"If it reaches Night City… The Allfather won't be happy."


Date: 10th of June, 2075

Location: Night city, Afterlife

POV: Victor Von Doom

Exiting the Afterlife I casually strolled passed the many mobs, my aim now to find a suitable location for my work as a doctor and fixer. Unlike the peasants that moved about in fear of their contacts, I would instead arm a block. Searching for a suitable location I was met with a familiar figure.

"Ah if it isn't soldier boy!" Jackie called out smiling.

"Well I didn't expect you to be here," I replied staring at an open vacant location.

"Likewise choom, whats a merc like you doin in some dingy spot like this?" Jackie laughed.

"I could say the same. Saw it was up for sale and needed to set up shop." I answered honestly.

"You looking to buy the spot?" He asked saddened his eyes looking at the little shop in front of him.

"No, I'm looking at buying the block why have you got attachments?"

"Block, eh? Must be loaded then, just a few attachments. Had an old friend who worked here, who passed away due to a stroke. My input she use to work in that shop. Used to sell some mysticism sh*t, but never really got hooked on it but… It's hard to see it so… Quiet." He answered honestly.

"Why did it use to be a hot spot?"

"Hahahaha, Nah nothing like that, I just miss the man. It's hard finding a choom like that, use to hook me up at no charge. I remember I owed him like twenty thousand in eddies… Never could pay him back…"

"I tell you what, I'm gonna be running something here soon. Why don't you and your misso come by later here tomorrow? We can arrange something,"

"Hey look Choom, I'm not about that life anymore. I'm an honest man now."

"This ain't no military deal, I'm a ripper and a good one at that." Victor smiled.

"My apologies amigo, I thought you were some corporate runaway or retired vet. A doctor thought? What Doctor walks around like that?"

"Ones that can keep your insides, inside not matter the sitch."

"I don't know choom, I've been living just fine up till now… "

"I'll pay you §700 a day."

"Ah, screw it. You only live once don't yah? What's the job?"

"You'll be my head of security. All you gotta do is secure the perimeter and ensure that none try and pester me."

"What about the gangs will I be working alone?"

"Don't worry about that my friend, you'll have colleagues soon enough."I smiled, the iron legion soon to roam the street. While they could be deployed in the field they would soon deploy to the streets.

"I can't wait, the Factory has been breaking my back for awhile now - what about my chica? How much is she gonna get paid?" He asked.

"§300 a day as a receptionist."

"I feel like I'm selling my soul here! Bahahaha, you got a deal. I'll let her know about it, it'll just be like old times. So… You still up for that drink?"

Purchase successful [§275'000]

Note: Thank you for the purchase! The keys to all buildings will arrive tomorrow at 9.30 am sharp for all buildings. Note maintenance and removal of furniture will be your responsibility. Any other services will cost extra. The whole block is yours - take care!

Scanning the perimeter of the block I bought I decided it was enough. While most would only buy the spot they needed, i required more legroom. Had I only bought the single space of area others could easily grasp the others if they so wished. With this, my men could move with ease around the area the possibility of an annoying neighbour now nullified due to my impeccable intelligence.

"I wouldn't mind," I replied, the two of us now heading to the El Coyote Cojo now coming into view.

"You know choom I never got your name…"

"Victor or more professionally known as Doctor Doom."

"Sick name, you related to the Von Doom Family? Ah, what am I saying they all died didn't they? A shame."

"A shame indeed."

Entering the bar I was immediately met with stares. The whole bar seemingly eyeing my attire and frame.

"A corpo puta," I heard one mutter.

"Mama Welles! This is my new friend and boss, Victor!" He smiled.

"What did I say about bringing people like that here? Are you really going back to your old ways - you're a family man now! What will Misty think? Do you want your daughter to grow up fatherless? Leave now La Concha de Tu Madre! We don't serve your kind here." Mama Welles shouted the rest of the figures jumping to defend her. Valentino members now brandishing their iron and flashing them towards me even some civilians jumping in to support her.

"A warm welcome, eh?" I smiled before sitting down at the bar.

"You've got it mistaken Mama! He's a ripper."

"What kind of Ripper walks around like that?"

"The kind that's from Texas," I replied.

"Texas?" They all questioned their hands now hesitant to move.

"What's ripper like that doing here in Night City?" She asked.

"Expansion thought I'd open another branch," I replied casually. Mama Welles turning to the others signalling them down.

"What exactly are your intentions with my son?" She snapped.


"Shut it, Jackie!"

"You speak as if I'm intending to steal him away," I replied.

"Demons walk amongst men Victor. I wish only the best for my son, the last time he ran your line of work he nearly died. My son is a father, a father I wish to keep. A grandmother whose babies now roam about. SO when I ask what are your intentions I ask why you need him. Why don't you ask another puta to run your ranks? The street already has enough dogs to feed go bother someone else."

"I merely seek to help those in need, your son has heart and I see where he gets it from. I'm offering him a security job to help my medical firm, why security? Look around you, every single person here brandishes iron. I seek to protect my merchandise, the lives of those I save and help a key aspect to my role. Do no harm. What are my intentions with your son? To provide him a stable job with even better pay. Little risk, high reward - Now why don't we relax and drink? It seems it been a long day for everyone," I answered.

"Your answer still doesn't satisfy me but for now, I'll tolerate you. Know if you dare make trouble I'll do whatever is in my power to thrash you!" She replied before walking away. The bartender silently waited for her to walk out. The other Valentino members seeing her disappear then went about their business.

"I'm sorry about that amigo… My mother… Shes-."

"No stress Jackie. Let's grab that drink." I waved.

"Drinks on me. Sorry about that again." He apologised. Sitting at the bar in front of us I scanned the man in front of me.

[SCAN RESULTS: Pepe Najarro]




CYBERWARE: Modified optics, misc.


"Another run-in with Mama Welles, huh? Always a scene when you're together." He smiled towards Jackie. Pouring him a special drink he then asked me.

"What for you stranger?"

"I'll have the same as Jackie," I asked.

"Ah, the Welles special?" He smiled.

"What is in it?" I asked.

"A shot of vodka, lime juice, ginger beer, and, most importantly... a splash of love," He smiled.

"Interesting combo," I explained lowering the jaw of my mask. The bottom of it blurred to all when zooming in. Drinking it, it looked as if the cup blurred when nearing my mouth.

"Trippy…" Pepe muttered.

"So What's your favourite drink choom? I personally love vodka," He smiled.

"Wine," I replied.

"Why Wine?" He asked.

"It's as bitter as I."

"Bahahaha, so you're a ripper aye? I thought you were some merc," He answered honestly.

"And I thought you were a gang member. Not a damn factory worker."

"Things change you know got a 3-year-old daughter… I remember the day she was born my mother freaked out. She couldn't believe I got my girl pregnant and worse she wasn't a Latina sister."

"Not a fan of others?"

"It just wasn't familiar she eventually warmed up to her but lord did it take awhile."

"Must've been something."

"What about you? Any kids of your own?"

"I have many lovers choom. Children are the least of my concerns."

"You just need to find the right one."

"Perhaps one day, my heart is yet to waver."

"Perhaps it all up to fate?"

"Fate is a fickle concept, my friend."

"Fate is beauty, fate has led us here."

"Perhaps but fate is in our hands is it not?"

"A million things happen in this world, amigo. What makes you think you can control fate?"

"Then you truly are trapped."


"Maybe another time my friend but know we are all trapped. Trapped in this so-called society, chained to these concepts of life. Perhaps once you see it, you'll understand."

"Hmm, I guess so."

"So what's it like in Texas? Heard it was a hell zone for a while, it any better than this sh*t hole?"

"I wouldn't call it better more so different. Before Ragnarock the place was similar to here, with iron being pulled on the smallest of things. Gang wars started from mere insults and corporate PMCs actively wandering streets until a certain individual changed it all."

"And who was that?"

"The All-father."

"He sounds haughty what'd he do? Throw a nuke down a tower or something?"

"No, he removed corporate control from the free state, something Night City caved in," I replied, a radio intermission being played on the television screen above.

"Breaking news! This is Jonzo Bon-Doa from M-54 news and right now an unknown group of armed assailants are fleeing from NCPD!" The figure reported, my head turned to now face the view. The group I sent on the test commission seemingly afloat yet drowning.

"Suprised?" Jackie asked.

"Somewhat, I'm surprised that he's still running the channel," I replied seeing the old reporter still up and moving.

"Yeah he's turning sixty this year, you watch Night city news often?" He asked, the channel more so reserved for Night City residents due to the amount of nonsense that was spewed from it.

"No in a long time my friend, no in a long time…"

"Give me a moment." I expressed before entering the bathroom.

Calling Maine Orwell







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